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Budget – Saving money

Budgeting the terrible B word. Unfortunately, budgeting still has a negative impact on many people, but actually it is nothing more than making a plan for your money.

Budgeting means that you are going to spend your money in a targeted way, actually organizing, for the rest of the month.

People often think that if they are going to budget, they can no longer do anything or they are afraid of what they will encounter when they start budgeting.

Not budgeting is basically sticking your head in the sand (Dutch expression, but you know what I mean right?).

10 Ways to Save Money every Month.

Do you want to save more money?

Of course you do!!!

I get it 😉

We all want to save money from time to time, but what if you want to save more money. And each month?

Well, don’t worry, I have a few ways of saving money every month.

You don’t have to do them all, but just with a few. Are they going well than you put another one to your savingslist.

Some ways of spending money go automatically. It’s time to look at your spendinglist.

With these ideas you can save more money than you would now that you could.

Are you thinking about what you’re gonna do with that saved money?? Yes, you were, weren’t you?

I get that, I was dreaming of a nice holiday too 🙂

But it’s more important to think about what you can do with it as you look at your financial situation. Are you in debt? That’s a good goal for your saved money. Or put away money for later, for education for your kids or are you making a buffer for if something unexpected could happen, like your car needs a reparation or the washing machine is broke.

All great reasons to start saving money that you spend every month which is not necessary.

Are you ready for it? 

Let’s start with my 10 tips for you.


Get rid of the cable.

It sounds like something you might not think about that easily. After all, we grew up with television and the radio, telephone, Netflix and internet are indispensable in our daily lives. Look what you have left if you were to dispose of the cable, for example. No television is often unthinkable, but you still have enough to be busy with.

Also realize, although it seems normal, that it is actually just a luxury. You can also choose to dispose of Netflix. It seems small amounts, but with all the savings together it’s a nice amount that you save. Especially in the summer you will not miss it.

Cancel insurances and be over-insured.

When I bought another bike a few years ago, before I knew it I had an extra bike insurance policy in the bike shop.

Recognizable?     Surely..

And this is just an example. Also think of glasses, expensive jewelry, cars and so on. Every company tries to sell you an insurance policy with the thought and conviction that you need it. Yes, of course, you do not want it to be stolen and you are not insured. But is that really so?

Are you not insured if you do not take out insurance with the bicycle?

Probably, because the general insurance policies such as third-party liability, household effects do cover this.

In the store they only talk, in this case, about a bicycle and all that can happen with it and you think: I have no bicycle insurance. Before you know it you have gone through a stag and you are a few tens lighter again. And the following year the bill is on the doormat for the following year. Cash register for the retailer who cooperates with an insurance company or adviser.

Because you don’t have separate insurance does not mean that you are not insured. Take a good look at what you are all insured for and what falls under it.

Also check if you are not over-insured. This means that the amount you are insured for is higher than the value of what is insured. You only pay more premium here and that is really not necessary

Stop smoking and avoid sugar.

With these two savings you can really save a lot of money. Not only better for health, but certainly also for the wallet. What you pay for a pack of cigarettes these days is no longer funny anymore. Count up for a month how much smoking costs you. That really scares you. A good reason to stop.

If you don’t smoke, but if you have a sugar addiction, you can certainly save money on this. I know from my own experience that stopping sugars is really not easy, but you really feel a lot better than if you keep eating all those sugars. Saving on sugar is really worth it. Just count what you eat away in a week or month.

Find an affordable phone.

Many people really pay too much for their cell phone and subscription. It really pays to look at this before you sign up for a new subscription.

Fun for free.

Do you think that everything you want to do in your free time costs money? You don’t have to.

Try to think creatively and try together, with friends and family, to come up with something that you can do together and that costs as little money as possible.

Someone told me what she and her boyfriend were doing and what it cost. They had a decent amount available every month for eating out, taking a drink, a weekend away and so on. Life is to be enjoyed, they said. That is of course true, but not at the expense of everything. They appeared to have more than € 35,000 in debts, while spending hundreds of euros each month on luxury and relaxation. This is really not possible! The worst thing I think is that they reacted very laconically, shrugged their shoulders and said it would be okay. Like how are you gonna be okay than? I wonder…

But try to find things that are free or cheap and you can do that with your friends. You will come up with some nice things.

Stop your sports subscription and save a few tens a month.

There are so many options for sports indoors and outdoors. Although it’s an advantage for many people to pay for sports (otherwise they do not exercise, they say), it’s a considerable expense that comes back every month.

No more buying water bottles.

I must honestly say that I was also guilty of it and occasionally buy a bottle of water. Still, I now have a plastic bottle that I constantly refill. Of course I don’t have to explain to you that it’s a good reason for both the environment and your budget to stop. And be honest, this saving isn’t that difficult, is it?

You can also purchase a water filter jug. You can purify water through the exchangeable filter. This means there is less lime in the water that you drink. This also costs money, but is still better than all those plastic bottles.

Meal planning

Planning meals is something that can change your life. It certainly did that to me. You eat healthier, you throw away less food and you save a lot of money. Especially when you look at how much food is actually thrown away. This is really insane!

You may have to get used to in the beginning and making your menu your own takes a little time. But it’s really worth it. You schedule the meals for the entire week and do groceries twice a week, for example. With a shopping card in your pocket, you naturally prevent that you throw too many unnecessary things into the shopping cart.

Do not throw away leftovers, but plan a day in the week in which you eat leftovers. Sometimes very strange combinations come out of this, but this is also fun. You can always supplement the meal with soup or bread.

Dining out.

Do you eat out regularly? Then you can save a lot on this. Make a menu plan as I indicated at the previous point and make sure you have enough supplies to cook. Plan the groceries and avoid being tempted to eat out or have something delivered.

Drive a cheaper car.

People often only look at the purchase price of a car, but for the sake of convenience forget to take a look at the monthly costs involved.

Road tax, car insurance, MOT, fuel and repairs are costs that can add up nicely.

It is certainly worthwhile to look for another car that is cheaper in monthly costs than the one you are driving now. Often people only look at the value of the car, but you will not make it with that.

These were a few ideas that you can use to save money.

Just try them out and see how it goes.

Often it’s not too bad and it’s not as difficult as it seems.

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