Always within the lines.

As long as I can remember I have always been good. 

Listening well and do what was asked of me.

Even though I grumbled sometimes, I did it eventually. 

At school I was the one in the class that was always bullied.

I didn’t even dare say anything. Not in class. Not to the teacher. Not to the other children. To no one.

If I said anything then I would be bullied or laughed at.

I was very shy and, as you understand, had few friends.

It took me decades before I really stood up for myself.

Sometimes it’s still difficult to say everything I would like to say to people I have in front of me. I just think… and think.

This feeling still works against me every day. Especially in my business.

When I try to sell a program or course I’m afraid people won’t pay me money for that. That feeling gets less as I get more and more experience wih selling.

Also because I have come to realize that I can also earn money. And also a lot if I want to.

This took some time and hard work.

Working on myself, loving myself, think I can make money too.

And that it is ok.

Damn, it’s ok!

Why should I make less money then I want to?

Because I’ve always accepted it! I always said: I don’t have much money. I don’t earn much money. I wish I had more money, but…

You see the pattern here?

I blogged as a budgetcoach and I was always writing about savings and having less money.

No wonder I wasn’t making more money.

I was always in the short zone.

Until I realised that and I made a switch.

I read a lot about money coaches, about making money and, what I missed mostly, about Money Mindset.

And that’s were the switch came.

I was not allowing myself to earn more money. It’s a logical story.

If I was only thinking about less money, I would never ever have more of it!

Within the lines…

It also goes back before I was making my own believes. We all get much of our believes from our parents. How they think about money and act with money is how I did it either. I was living the same live as they were living it. 

I don’t know how your experience is with your parents, but when I say something that is another opinion then they have then I will hear it. Often when I look at myself I see my parents. And the good things are ok, but if I see things were I think of differently it is a battle.

Will I always be within these lines?

Most of the time when I see them I am, just because they don’t get what I think. I’ve learned a lot the last years about entrepreneurs, business, money mindset and go on. They have no idea what I’m talking about. And that’s ok. 

But when I’m in my own zone, I’m not within the lines anymore.

I like drawing outside the lines and you know? It’s beautiful outside the lines.

I’m open for more to see.

You can not always be within the lines.

I want to tell you that you should not always be within the lines.

Are you? Within the lines right now?

Realise when you are and why.

Sometimes you just can’t do the things you want in your way and on your terms. You are not alone on this world. But it is good to realise when you are and when you aren’t.

You have to think about it, because you don’t want to life like others want you to.

At least they don’t!

And do you want them to live like you want them to? No, you don’t even think about that.

But you do think about what others think you should do. You know what? They don’t even know it that they do that. They don’t know that they put their believes, opinions and norms to you. They just think that their truth is the only truth. 

Stop that right now and live your life on your terms!