Women Entrepreneur Books that Empowered & Inspired

Women Entrepreneur Books that Empowered & Inspired

Welcome to my collection of women entrepreneurs books that empowered and inspired!


You want to be more inspired and empowered by female entrepreneurs?

You long for succes?

You want to know what they did to get it?

You want to learn from the best!

I will give you my personal favorites and I recommend you to read. If you don’t read a lot, you get started right away. It will change your personal and your business life!


Launch it! from Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth is on of my favorite business babes I know. 

Katrina Ruth is an entrepreneur, business coach and writer. She is articulate, edgy and incredibly motivational.

When she isn’t furiously unleashing her true message via her daily blog ‘The Daily Asskickery’, or her #PurposeChurchwithKat live videos, she is running her multi-million dollar online coaching business as an entertainer, speaker and success mentor to driven women and men who just want more out of every area of life!.

With 50+ self-published books (mostly Amazon best sellers), over a decade in online business, 100K+ followers online and several hundred soul-led product and program launches under her belt, Katrina is known as a ‘Content Queen’ who just doesn’t stop. Her great mission in life is to help you find who you are – and then become it.

Shark Tales from Barbara Corcoran.

Barbara Corcoran surely needs no introduction. Her story is the best example of making it big in the industry. From being in a tiny real estate office to becoming the shark investor on ABC’s one of hit reality shows, this book is a must-read. Though the story talks about success, it starts with failure and lots of failures, which makes it an interesting read. 

Barbara who owns an empire today didn’t just start her business. Before becoming an entrepreneur she worked in 20 different jobs which included being a teacher and a waitress.

It was when she was waiting table life changed for her. She not just met her boyfriend but also her business partner. The book presents her unconventional problem-solving approach and the things she learnt from each of her failures. 

The Total Money Makeover from Dave Ramsey

As a budgetcoach I’m a fan of Dave ramsey. He has helped so many people come out of debt. This is a bestseller about money. If you can’t handle money in your personal life then it will be a mess in your business!

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! from Denise Duffield-Thomas

Are you ready to get rich? So you want to manifest more money this year. You’re not alone. But why does it feel so freaking hard? It’s weird and frankly bewildering that the most talented women in the world are often the ones struggling to make fabulous money from their talents. Too many female entrepreneurs sabotage their income and work too hard for too little. Why do most women settle for pennies instead of embracing true wealth? It’s not because you’re not smart or ambitious enough. You’ve just been programmed to block your Universal right to wealth with guilt, shame or embarrassment. Even if you’re unaware of these blocks and fears, you’re probably not earning what you’re really worth. Are you ready to break through your money blocks and finally make the money you deserve? In Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! you’ll learn how to unlock your hidden potential for abundance and upgrade your life forever. Join Lucky Bitch author Denise Duffield-Thomas on a journey of self- discovery so you can smash through your abundance blocks and join a community of women all around the world who are learning to live large and become truly lucky bitches.

Of course I will add more books later, so don’t miss it and come back!

How do you start a side business?

How do you start a side business?

This blogpost contains a free gift for you! Do you want extra income through a second job or do you want to get rid of your 9 to 5 job and start earning income in a different way? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Would you like to earn extra money?...

Step up your game!

Step up your game!

Step up your game I often see mastermind groups formed from like-minded people. You think you can learn from that. That is the main reason. You want to be surrounded by like minded people right? However, there is also a pitfall. That there are all people in it, who...

You are who you are and that’s good enough.

You are who you are and that’s good enough.

You are who you are and that’s good enough.


You often have those moments when you think it’s all up to you.

That you did it yourself.

That you have ensured that it does not work.

That only things are going against you.


You are annoyed

You’re cranky

You are negative

You see no possibilities

You are rebellious

You are mad

You are sad

You get that feeling that you are not good enough and that you have to change.


That you have to work harder

That you have to be more positive

That you have to improve yourself

That you have to live healthier

If something does not work, we all too quickly blame ourselves for not being good enough.


Cut it down!


It is all difficult enough.

We all have to keep those balls high

And oh dear, if one falls… what then?


Then that feeling comes over again.


You know … we are all human and we all have a hard time.

But don’t make it heavier than it is now.

Not everything is up to you and you don’t have to change everything.

Do not make everything personal and do not relate everything to yourself.


Do you know how much time you wasted on this? Sin!


Take your time and look at yourself.

Do you know who you are?


You are good enough as you are

You are good enough !!!


Remember you are who you are and that’s good!


It may take you time to see that you are good enough, it doesn’t matter. But get in your strength.

Deep in your power, you have the power to turn those negative thoughts around.


You determine what your emotions are, know what you put your energy into and what reactions you get right.

Whether it is about selling your online product or something from your personal life, it does not matter.

It is up to you, YES you have the choice !! How you accept it and deal with it.


You choose to be the person you are. The results will come naturally as long as you remain yourself.

I’ll shake you awake!


Embrace your strength and head straight for your goal.

Do not doubt whether you will succeed, but know that it will succeed. Feel it will work.

Don’t you feel it? Then adjust your goal or your strategy.


Do not be fooled by what is happening now.

You don’t sell anything, you get a negative reaction, you feel that nobody listens to you and you see that others do achieve the success that you want too.

I am not good enough and I am not worthy are death eaters.

We all have those moments every now and then. That’s life!


Do you know:

We always have enough work to do

You always keep looking for ways to improve yourself

You want to get even stronger


You keep encountering this in life. You always learn until your death.

You will always wonder afterwards if you did it right.

And yes, sometimes you will say not. So what!


Often you say afterwards that you would do things differently now, but hey don’t let this stop you.

After all, you learn from every situation, so accept that.

Do not say after each learning moment that you were not good enough, because you were.


Okay, I wasn’t in great shape

Okay, I didn’t know the answers to everything

Okay, I wasn’t quite in my strength

Okay, I was ashamed

Okay, it could be better

Or whatever


Don’t forget: You did it anyway!

And you are an experience richer again!


You can now do two things:


  1. Just talk yourself into the pit that it was not perfect enough and that you were not good enough. You stay with that mindset and talk yourself into the pit even more, you become even more insecure, unmotivated and you no longer see the fun in it.
  2. Realizing who you are is good enough. If you believe that you are good enough, you are who you are and that who you are right now is enough. You have no fear of continuing, you are not going to stop, you know you shouldn’t wait until everything is perfect and you have to be perfect. You continue to be disciplined and keep your passion. You don’t worry!


You will stop thinking:

-I didn’t do it right

-I could have better this … instead of that

-I need to get better at….

It’s not so!


Of course I have had that feeling in the past. I felt out of place and felt completely different from the rest.

Now I see that it is beautiful if you are unique. I like to see how each has something unique that the other does not have. That makes people beautiful!

The pitfall is that many people tend to change themselves and want to be like others. So sinful and pointless.

I keep creating content, I keep working hard and I know it will eventually come to me. I stay with myself and it doesn’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to be perfect!

Repeat after me:

I don’t have to be perfect! I’m good enough!

You keep doing your work, you keep improving yourself and that is part of it.

You will gain more insight and make adjustments.

But for this moment you are just good enough. Really!

You will only become stronger if you make your own uniqueness powerful.


And make a mistake, accept it, feel that emotion, learn from it and keep going. Step over it!


I always say:


It is what it is. Nothing more and nothing less!


And sometimes you have to go through a lesson several times to learn well. So what! You learn from it. You grow. It automatically makes you stronger. It makes you more active. And you always go a step further.

Believe it’s always in your favor if things don’t always go the way you planned.

And you automatically go to the next level in which you become an even better version of yourself.

Every day new opportunities and chances pass by which we grow. Take this opportunity, don’t be afraid to fail. You can never fail at being you!

You are who you are and you can do it!


Don’t forget to see that life is beautiful.

Your current situation will also pass.

And yes, you are good enough as you are!

How do you start a side business?

How do you start a side business?

This blogpost contains a free gift for you! Do you want extra income through a second job or do you want to get rid of your 9 to 5 job and start earning income in a different way? Have you always wanted to start your own business? Would you like to earn extra money?...

Step up your game!

Step up your game!

Step up your game I often see mastermind groups formed from like-minded people. You think you can learn from that. That is the main reason. You want to be surrounded by like minded people right? However, there is also a pitfall. That there are all people in it, who...

Those voices in the back of your head.

Those voices in the back of your head.

Those voices in the back of your head.

You probably know it, those voices in your head that say everything to you.

You can’t do it.

That you should not start.

That you will never get that many customers.

That you don’t sell anything.

That there are already so many who do that.


Those voices from the people around you. A colleague, a father or mother, a brother or sister, a friend, etc.

Even if they say nothing, you can still hear them say it.

The moment you are about to start something.

A new business, a new product, a new offering, it doesn’t matter what it is.

You will always receive comments. And if you don’t get it, you can already hear them say it when you haven’t even spoken to them.

You are the entrepreneur who does not give up and keeps trying until it works.

And you will succeed because you do not give up.


And you feel it … now it’s going to happen. Now it will work!

And then… suddenly… nothing!


Simple, because you listen to those voices.

You hear those voices take away your positive conviction.

And before you know it, you believe it yourself. All that negative comment hits you and blocks you.

You have forgotten why you had taken this step again.

And why do you have this offer?

Do I know enough?

Do I give enough value?

Can I reach people with this?

Are people waiting for this?

And so on…

Eternal sin!

Let go of those voices and go against it!

You are good enough!

You know enough!

You can do it!

You’re super good at this!

You have a nice, educational offer!

You have a good product!

You have…. Fill in what applies to you here.

And say this to yourself several times!

Trust yourself, because you have started this for a reason. You know enough to offer your customers value. Never forget that! You are who you are and that’s good enough!

And whether your environment warns you about this or whether you are only afraid of what they are going to say does not matter. Don’t be put off by this and keep going. Show them what you can do!

Once you have the results you will see that those voices disappear automatically and people around you will react more positively and you will get questions about how you did that.

Go for it!

What if you think in possibilities.

What if you think in possibilities.

What if you think in possibilities.

If someone says something is impossible, do you just accept it?

Many people quickly say that something is not possible. 

That is not possible!

They say it so quickly that they haven’t even thought about it.

Thinking in impossibilities makes you more negative. Very often we believe what we think.

Thinking in problems doesn’t get us much further. It paralyzes, it creates negative thoughts and therefore negative feelings and beliefs.

Do you also recognize yourself in this? Then it is time to do something about this.

Did you know that people who think in possibilities radiate positivity and act as a magnet for positive people and situations.

You get much more done when you think in possibilities. There is really a lot more to achieve if you don’t keep thinking about problems and impossibilities.

This does not mean that there are no potential problems or obstacles that initially seem impossible to solve.

Sometimes it’s even necessary to know a problem through and through before you can search for a solution.

But there always is a solution.

I always say problems are there to be solved.

Thinking in impossibilities means that you don’t think well about something.

Do you ever think what if IT IS POSSIBLE?

Turn it around. There is really more possible than you think.

Because if you look closely at something, you see the possibility of it.

And you can do your work more efficiently and effectively!

What are your beliefs and assumptions that make you think something cannot be resolved.

You assume it is a fact, but is it?

Why don’t you see how something can or can be done differently?

Is it because you think you can’t or don’t dare?

Or do you simply not want it?

If you start thinking about it, you are afraid that you will get out of your comfort zone, that you will not dare.

Or don’t you want it? That is also possible!

It is sometimes easier to say that something is not possible than that you have to take action for something.

If the other person assumes you can’t do it, you’ll be done quickly. If you are not waiting for the problem to be solved, because it does not bother you.

You keep putting it in front of you, but in the end it keeps gnawing.

By thinking in possibilities you are no longer the victim of a situation, but you can take responsibility and work in a solution-oriented way.

So act now and make possible that seemed impossible!

Always know that there’s always a solution and problems can be fixed.

As an entrepreneur you will have to think in possibilities, your business need you to.

The successful businesses are build on thinking further then the normal!

Thinking in impossibilities doesn’t bring you any further in business!

What do you need to be successful?

What do you need to be successful?

Do you want to know how you can be successful? 

Success is in many things, not just how much money you make.

Maybe you want to be successful in your work, you want to have your household in order, you want to have your finances in order so that you are no longer afraid of running out of money at the end of the month, maybe you want to have your own successful business or do you ever want to finish a great sports contest. It can really be anything in which you want to be successful.

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Consuming versus Producing

It doesn’t matter what your goal is and where you want to be successful in, the steps to success are the same for everyone.


A step that is necessary for every successful person:


Do not immediately think that you plan everything so well, because there is really more to it. Suppose you can’t plan well and you live in chaos, you live from salary to salary, you have nothing in order, you are busy with several things at the same time in your business or whatever… then you miss a lot of opportunities to achieve your goals.


Successful people are constantly looking at what they can do today to achieve their goals in the future.

For example, if you have many tasks in your building company and nothing is getting done because you are busy with all tasks, you will miss your goal. In order to achieve good results in the long term, you will have to set goals and divide them into action points. If you keep working in the chaos, nothing will come off 100%. Planning ahead is therefore also important in this example. You keep an overview and by making it clear how you plan and distribute your work, you ultimately get more done.

If you want to change things for yourself in the future, you will have to set goals and plan them in the long term. And be aware that if you want to achieve big goals, such as working less in order to make money in another way (for example by working at home), you will also have to work hard to achieve that goal. The most successful people work hard to achieve their goal and are not stopped by anything or anyone. But it starts with a planning. And you will first make these as soon as you have set your goals.

So first write down your goals that you want to achieve in order to lead your ideal life.


And feel free to start these sentences with I WANT….

I found that difficult at first, but if you really want it you have to, so feel free to say it out loud! I WANT….

Some of my future goals are:

  • I want to work more from home and in this way better organize my time myself. So create more freedom.
  • I want to be busy with this blog every day and I want this blog to be successful.
  • I want to lose a few pounds and feel even healthier.
  • I want to spend more time with my dogs and the people around me.
  • I want to have more finances to spend so that I can go on holiday, buy another car and / or an electric bicycle. But also that I have a little more money to spend on clothes and relaxation.

For these goals I make a plan with action points. These goals are also not achievable in a short period of time, so I put in at least a year. I am very curious where I will be in a year. Are you joining me?

I’ve worked really hard to get where I am now, but I know I’ll have to work even harder to achieve some of these new goals. So I will have to make sacrifices again to free up time and energy to get started with these goals.

It’s time to pop again!

Your ideal life.

Imagine your ideal life and make goals based on your list. Start creating your ideal life from now on. Imagine yourself achieving success in this. And convince yourself that you will be able to achieve these goals.

Make a long-term planning of how you will eventually achieve these goals after a year or maybe 5 years.

Now make decisions about what to do to start walking your path to that life. What do you have to do to make that happen?

The 5 steps to plan ahead for success:

1. So first write down what your ideal life would look like. Write down every detail and leave nothing out. Everything is allowed and allowed, nothing is too crazy. Make goals of this.

2. Think about the possible ways you can achieve your goal. Write down action points.

3. Choose whether your goal is achievable in the short or long term. Set a real time against this. Find a good balance in this.

4. Be open to change and take the opportunities when they present themselves. Even if it’s an opportunity you didn’t think of at first. Don’t let your fears take over and look at possibilities instead of impossibilities.

5. Work hard with your goals and stay motivated. Schedule mid-term review moments to see if you are on the right track, if you need longer, or if you might even reach your goal sooner. Adjust your goal and action plan if necessary.

Do you want to make more money?

Then I have some tips for you below:

TIP: A good idea to generate extra money is to see how you can earn money with your hobby. Surely there is something you enjoy doing that can help others or you have products you can sell.  

Hobbies you can make money with:

  • Write as a freelancer, blogger, author or columns
  • Design as a web designer or graphic designer
  • Do you like cooking and baking then try to sell products. Or make a cookbook.
  • If you like to photograph, you can sell your photos via the internet.
  • Are you a creative centipede and do everything in crochet, knitting, painting, quilting, clothing or do you have another creative hobby. Try selling these products over the internet.

These are some ideas to get you started on generating more income for yourself. Try to deal with this in a creative way and think of even more ways to make money.

 It doesn’t matter how you achieve success, but achieving success is very motivating.


How cool is it when you have reached your goal?

And don’t forget, it doesn’t always have to involve money to be successful!  

I will work with my goals and will keep you informed via the blog about the progress.

I wish you a lot of SUCCESS with planning and achieving your goals.

Go for it!