Pinterest Pin Design Mistakes You Might Make.

Pinterest Pin Design Mistakes You Might Make.

Today I’m going to talk to you about the pin images for Pinterest.

Without knowing it or noticing it yourself, you may make these mistakes when making a Pin image.

I’m going to give you some tips, so that you don’t make these mistakes again. You will make better pins and therefore generate more clicks.

Want to grow your blog? Then start with Pinterest!

Social Media Marketing Tips.

Pinterest Tips.

Of course you want to get as many visitors to your website as possible and so you go pinning a lot on Pinterest.

But what ultimately ensures that people actually come to take a look at your website?

I always say:

You can only make a first impression once!

5 day social media challenge

5 Day Social Media Challenge.

Social Media can be overwelming. With this 5 day Social Media Challenge you can set your social media profiles straight. Join and get day 1 in your mail immediately.

That people will click on your images is really a result of what your pin images looks like.

Pinterest SEO is very important, but your pin is what ultimately causes people to click on your image and thus determine how much traffic goes to your website.

The right Pinterest SEO ensures that your pin image will be shown to the right people. It comes into view with all other images of your competitors when they search for what you have to offer. Then your image will make them click on you. Your image must therefore stand out and that is why it’s important that you make a good looking design.

Let’s look at the design flaws. Mistakes may not sound fun, but you should think of them as mistakes that you are unaware of and don’t think about when you create an image.

Tip 1. Boring titles

If you want people to click on your image, make sure your titles are catchy and interesting.

For example, put a number in the title. This can be about a number of tips or better still an amount (4 tips with which you…. Or earn € 1000 per month extra)

You can also make it an interrogative title. If people walk around with that question, you have a good chance that they want to know your answer.

Make your title interesting by adding certain power words. Think for example of: Secrets…, the best…., The most beautiful…., Shocking…. etc. Prevent yourself from exaggerating and appearing implausible.

Try not to make the title too long (I always find this very difficult). As short and clear as possible. Make it clear in a short title what your pin is about and what they get when they click on it.

Tip 2. Not enough contrast

The second mistake that you are not always aware of is the contrast between the (background) image and the text on your pin.

Make sure you choose a clear color for your text, so that the text does not disappear and/or is difficult to see. Also, keep in mind that many followers view Pinterest via their mobile. If they scroll quickly and your text is not noticeable then they scroll quickly further.

What you also have to take into account is that you ensure that the photo of the background is not too busy. This makes it difficult to place a text that is visible. If you still want to use that one busy photo, place an overlay over it or reduce the strength of the transparency (both are possible if you create your images in Canva).

Tip 3. Give all words the same dimensions.

If you give the entire text the same font and size, your text will not stand out. Split your title into pieces and make important words stand out by giving them a different font, color and size.

The biggest word falls into the viewer’s eye and will be noticed first. So make sure the word that stands out tells what your pin is about and best describes your content.

Tip 4. Small text

The last thing I want to discuss with you is that many people are often too afraid to put too big text on a pin image.

Believe me, it’s too small rather than too big! Don’t be afraid to stand out because that’s exactly what you want to achieve on Pinterest. That your pin stands out among the others.

Feel free to try to make an image where you spread the text all over the image.

Here too I would like to make the comment that if someone looks at his or her mobile (with a small screen) the pin image is much more noticeable if the text is large.

Feel free to use the bold fonts. The thick letters and in a large size, your image can not be broken.

Why you don’t have to open all the Social Media channels.

Why you don’t have to open all the Social Media channels.

Why you don’t have to open all the Social Media channels.

It sounds so logical, the moment you start an online business, to create an account on all Social Media Channels.

Whether it’s a webshop, a blog or another online company. You are inclined to use all Social Media channels. Because yes then you still reach most people, right?

Social Media Marketing is of course very important, but you should not overdo it. This can actually be a disadvantage for you.

How do you wonder?

email marketing for beginners

Why many channels can have an adverse effect on you.

You would think on the more places you come into the picture the better. Not so!

If your customers are also on all channels, they get tired of seeing the same messages every time.

Apart from that, your customers are not on all channels.

It is important to find out which channels your customers are on.

Your first question that you must answer is:

Who is your customer and where is he or she located.

Many people are not just on one channel, but it is useful to know where they can be found anyway.

For example, if you are looking for employers, because you are going to offer a workshop that is meant for teams, you will post your messages on Linkedin.

If you have a creative offer, then you should go to Pinterest. You can also find your customers for blog posts on Pinterest. Pinterest is getting more popular and that’s good because you can achieve good results with it. Beyond that, it’s a great platform to look up for anything and everything.

You can still find the largest group of customers on Facebook and Instagram.  It is known that on Instagram followers, for example, will follow you to be followed themselves and then they will unfollow you again. Unfortunately, it has become a kind of game that brings you more entrepreneurs than customers. So think carefully if you want to and if you will indeed find your customers there. If your customers are entrepreneurs, than you’re good there. I have to say that I am secretly a bit of a fan of Instagram. I love to scroll through all the photos and videos of others in a free moment.

What does all that sharing do to you?

What also was a reason for me to post on fewer channels is that it sometimes made me mad. Then I would have made a blog post or put a new product in the webshop and then I had to take several photos in Canva and then share them. Add texts and URLs everywhere. It took me a lot of time and I didn’t get the result I wanted. For me it was often a moment of no, hey, now I have to share everything. I often didn’t feel like it. It is part of it, but by making it easier for yourself by not posting on all channels, I think it is good to do.

You can plan and share your messages on various channels via existing tools, such as tailwind. It is getting easier that way. This gives you a better overview and remains visible. Even if you don’t have the time. That’s the beauty of the internet, you can plan everything in advance.



The perfect Pin.

The perfect Pin.

This blogpost contains a free gift for you!

Social Media Marketing Tips.

Pinterest Tips.

Of course you want to get as many visitors to your website as possible and so you go pinning a lot on Pinterest.

But what ultimately ensures that people actually come to take a look at your website?

I always say:

You can only make a first impression once!

the perfect pin image

That’s why it’s important that your image on Pinterest stands out among the others and that your pin image gets the attention of your visitor.

What must a good, no perfect, pin image looks like?

Here are some tips for you.

Tip 1. Format Image.

Always use vertical images on Pinterest with the dimensions: 735 px x 1102 px. If you keep that format, your image will be fully displayed.

Tip 2. Use beautiful and clear photos.

Use sharp photos that clearly show what your content is about. If you want to draw attention to something about shoes, you make sure that these shoes are well displayed. So not a photo with a person completely on it, because then it’s not clear that it’s about the shoes.

5 day social media challenge

5 Day Social Media Challenge.

Social Media can be overwelming. With this 5 day Social Media Challenge you can set your social media profiles straight. Join and get day 1 in your mail immediately.

Tip 3. The Title.

Make sure that the title is not too long and that it explains in a few words what it is about. Make sure the title is clearly visible. For example, as you can see in the image above, I create a colored box where I put the title. If you place it on a photo, you can often not see the text properly and then people scroll through on Pinterest.

Tip 4. The description.

Make sure to add a concise clear description. This is read as soon as the pin image is clicked. Try to make the reader curious about the information you share in the content you refer to.

Tip 5. SEO

Be aware when making the pin of the keywords on which you want to be found. Use this on the pin image, in the title and description.

Tip 6. The URL.

At the bottom you can place the URL of the content. Always add one URL, this allows pinners to be sent to your content / website with one click on the image.

Tip 7. Your name/brand.

Always place your name or brand on the image. I put it in miniature, because it does not have to dominate. You immediately see who the image belongs to and people often recognize your images and that is what you want to achieve. Another reason why I do this is because you make it clear that the pin is yours and as soon as someone else wants to use it, it’s less easy. So you protect yourself against copying behavior. You can also choose to place a watermark, but I don’t like this very much. Certainly for Pinterest images I wouldn’t advise that.

Tip 8. Recognizable.

I was just talking about it. You want your pins to be recognized. So always use the same style in your image.

Then consider:

– The same colors

– Same fonts (fonts)

– The same structure

Below there are a few of my Pinterest images. These images has done very well on Pinterest (click on the image to go to that blogpost).
Best tools and plugins for bloggers.
this is why you should take pinterest seriously.
Email Marketing for beginners.

Email Marketing for beginners.

This blogpost contains an affiliate link!

Is email marketing the most profitable automation for small and starting businesses?

Today, marketing plays an important role when it comes to competition and building a business. Digital marketing has started a catch-up race in recent years and has significantly outpaced offline marketing practices. Of all the marketing techniques currently used, email marketing is a huge lead. Although it’s already a relatively old marketing strategy, it is the strongest that you can use for your business. Certainly because nowadays it’s completely automated and the possibilities are result-oriented and time-saving.

email marketing for beginners

Email marketing is an efficient way to bring all your customers together and to make them familiar with your product or service. The automated process ensures that you can come to the attention of your customers at many times. And that while you don’t have to do anything for that at that moment.

It’s not for nothing that many online entrepreneurs focus on this, but you also see more and more courses on e-mail marketing.

In this post, I list some points that prove that email marketing is the most profitable marketing tool for companies that want to build their clientele. Certainly interesting for small and starting companies.

1. Growth of range

By using automated e-mail marketing, a company can increase its reach considerably. This is especially important for starting entrepreneurs, because the focus in the initial phase is to ensure that customers know what you have to offer for a product or service. Because the entire process is automated, you can send messages to customers at different times. You are going to attract a wide audience that becomes aware of what you have to offer.

2. Personalized messages

The advantage of email marketing is that you are more personal. You can direct messages to specific people so that they feel personally addressed. After all, you are talking to them. In a message on social media this is not aimed at a specific person, so people will scroll past it faster. An e-mail is read faster because the person has registered on a list where the interest is for that person.

3. Target your customers

The biggest problem with the social media platforms is that you have a greater reach. That sounds good at first, because you want to reach a lot of people, but you want to pick out the people who are interested in your product or service. So it’s ideal to rake in followers and then get them to your email lists. Once they are on a list, these future customers are closer and easier to reach than via the social media channels. The potential customers are more on your e-mail list than on social media. So the moment you start offering something, email marketing is the right approach. Apart from that, you have no control over the frequency of your reach on social media. In the case of email marketing you have this in your hands and your information is delivered directly to your client’s mailbox.

4. Share your customers among your target groups.

With the use of email lists you can split your customer base. In this way you can make the interest of your customers more specific. For example, if you sell breads and you have customers who like white bread and customers who like brown bread, you can make two lists for this. The moment you have the white bread on offer then you only have to send an email to the people on the list for the white bread. This way you prevent people from getting too much unnecessary information and getting the right information to the right customers. Very smart for long-term marketing.

5. That way you stay in touch with your customers.

By staying in touch via e-mails your customers get the feeling that you don’t forget them and really care about them. As soon as you launch new products or services, you will be the first to inform your regular customers. Chances are that they will buy your product earlier. In this way you convert visitors into potential customers.

6. Increase the visibility of your company.

Most people go through their emails daily. Even though your follower will not always open your e-mails, he or she will see him pass by. A glance, a title or subject always comes into view. This always lingers, your brain picks it up automatically. The moment they need something that you offer, you will be the first to come to them and you have increased the visibility of your company by regularly mailing to your customers. Your brand is recognized and they feel connected to you. eventually a percentage of your potential customers on the e-mail lists will make a purchase from you.

7. The costs are not that high.

Compared to other marketing techniques and strategies, email marketing costs relatively not much. Apart from that, you save a lot of time because it is an automated program. You only have the costs that you pay for the software you need and these are relatively low costs for your company when it comes to marketing.


Automated email marketing campaigns are a huge asset to your company. As an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore this opportunity to promote your product or service. It gives you a head start on entrepreneurs who do not apply this strategy. So yes email marketing is the most profitable automation for small businesses!

Put the right emails in front of the right people

Build email newsletters. Create campaigns. Send great emails to stay in front of your audience—and offer exactly what they want to see.

Active Campaign

For my Email Marketing I use Active Campaign. This all in one program is very easy to use and has a lot of possibilities.

You can start building your list with just $9 per month.

Try it out, you can try for free for 14 days!

What do you get?

  • Unlimited sending
  • Email Marketing
  • Send Newsletters
  • Subscription Forms
  • Marketing Automation
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Up to 3 Users

On the website of Active Campaign you can get more information.

The 3 most important reasons why your mailing list should always be a priority in your marketing plan.

1. You own your mailing list. You cannot control Social Media. With your mailing list you have it completely in your own hands. If tomorrow all Social media channels would stop, who do you still have as a follower?

2. You do not determine what is shown on Social Media with your followers. Social Media does not guarantee that whatever you post will also see your followers. Because of the algorithm you have absolutely no influence on this. Apart from that, you do not know whether your followers are online the moment your content appears on Social Media. They may not be watching at the same time that you post and they are never on the same times every day on Social Media.

3. Email = building a relationship. The most valuable thing about a mailing list is that you can build a trusted relationship with your followers.

Sell ​​with affiliate links if you have a few visitors.

Sell ​​with affiliate links if you have a few visitors.

Blogging and Affiliates go hand in hand. For a blogger it is a missed opportunity if you don’t add affiliate marketing.

Reason for me to blog about this too. Bloggers often start with affiliate links only when they have more visitors. It also doesn’t seem logical to place affiliates immediately when you start blogging. Still, it does make sense and in this blog I tell you is why.

Sell  with affiliate links if you have a few visitors.

You can immediately show your visitors which products and / or services you stand for. Maybe they do not go directly to purchase, but eventually it is important that the recognition is there.

The moment someone is about to buy a product or service they think immediately of the fact that they have seen this on your website. Chances are they will come back to you.

I wrote a free guide for you: Blogging for beginners. Get yours here for FREE!

In this guide you will find:

  • The first steps you need to take when you start blogging
  • The Blogpost Checklist
  • Tips for beginners

Sign in and get the free download.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the favorite ways to make money from blogging. Many experienced bloggers will agree. The best thing about affiliate links is that it doesn’t matter how many visitors and followers you have. You can always make money with this. If you use the right strategy for it to work!

I have a few tips for you that can help you to be successful with affiliate marketing and start making money.

1. Promote the right products

Let’s talk about the products you’re going to promote first. The moment you start looking for products that you want to promote, you should first think of your followers.

Think about your followers’ problems related to your niche. What do they struggle with? What product does they find a solution to their problem?

People don’t just buy a product they come across on a blog / website. They want solutions to their problems and if they see that the product you are promoting offers a solution to them, they will be more likely to purchase.

2. Promote one product per blog post.

If your blog gets thousands of page views and you already have a large list of followers, you quickly have a chance that someone clicks on and buys a promoted product. You don’t have to do much about it. The moment you have just started blogging or you do not have many followers, there is still work to be done.

The strategy of only placing an affiliate link does not apply. You will have more success if you devote a blog post to this product. Therefore, it’s better to put only that one affiliate link in that message. You can provide good reviews and tutorials. These are effective to achieve good sales results. You make a blog post about the problem, your followers will recognize it and their attention has been caught. Then you write in that message about the solution. Tell about the product and explain what this product solves. If you have your own good experience with any evidence, you can also add it. That works very positively and you can convince your followers.

If you follow this process and your followers find your blog post valuable and they trust you enough, they will start selling.

3. Promote a product with a high commission

Look for promoted products that have a high commission. If you are just starting, you will have less traffic to your website and you will make even less sales. Focus on products that have a high commission. Of course you have to keep an eye on your target group. You don’t want a product that you get more commission on, but your followers have nothing with this product. So look for products that solve a problem for your target group, that are within their budget and about which you get a high commission.

For example, if you have a product for which you get € 2, you will find 50 people to buy it if you want to keep € 100. If you promote a product with which you get € 20 per sale, you only have to sell 5 to get the same € 100. See what is easier, sell something to 5 people or 50? Buying 50 sales is not easy if you are just starting out or don’t have a large following. That is the reason to focus on products that yield more per sale.  

I hope these tips help you and you are convinced to start with affiliate marketing right away.

Good luck!!

Do you want to grow your blog? Then start with Pinterest.

Do you want to grow your blog? Then start with Pinterest.

This blogpost contains a free gift for you!

What many entrepreneurs do not yet use for their online business is Pinterest. I can tell you that it is very wise to start using Pinterest right away. Right now! What many people don’t know is that you can greatly increase the number of visitors on your blog by getting started with Pinterest. You will notice results within a few months.

Want to grow your blog? Then start with Pinterest!

If you don’t know much about Pinterest yet, this blog entry is handy for you, because I will explain some basic tips here so that you can start using Pinterest. Pinterest is going to be very valuable for your blog / company from now on.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is the promotion of your product and / or service on Pinterest. You do this by pinning content from your website to Pinterest. This means that you create images with your blog posts and pin them to Pinterest from the relevant page. When people click on your pin, they are immediately redirected to the page where the image comes from. You can also create separate Pinterest images (I’ll get back to this in a moment) and then add the URL to the message.

5 day social media challenge

5 Day Social Media Challenge.

Social Media can be overwelming. With this 5 day Social Media Challenge you can set your social media profiles straight. Join and get day 1 in your mail immediately.

Why Pinterest?

Many people think that Pinterest is only a platform where you can search for nice images and then save them on your own boards, but Pinterest is so much more. You can see Pinterest as a search engine. People search Pinterest for information and examples. They search for recipes, creative ideas, the wedding dress of their dreams or where they want to go on vacation.

The moment you post an image on Pinterest and people search for the subject of your message, they come up with your image. It is actually a sort of advertisement, but then free.

The moment you start to delve into how you can best use these images for your blog, webshop or other company, you can really reach a huge number of people.

We call that the power of Pinterest.

So I’m still surprised when I hear entrepreneurs around me saying they don’t use Pinterest. They miss an opportunity to grow.

I hope you are convinced and also want to start using Pinterest right away. Here are the basic tips that ensure that you immediately get off to a good start for your starting business.

Step 1. Create a business account.

The difference between a personal and a business account is that with a business account you have a number of options that do not have a personal account. These extra options are valuable to you. For example, you can gain insight into the statistics of your account. You can see how many visitors your account has, which pins are best visited and which are saved by your visitors, you can add your website and see how many people went to your website via Pinterest (you can also see this in Google analytics ).

Link your website.

Once you have created your business account you will verify your website. That way you get access to Pinterest statistics that relate to your website. It is also proof that this website belongs to you and not that someone else can just add your website. You can add your website to the settings, which you can find at the top right on the website of Pinterest. Here you place the URL of your website. You must then add the meta tag to your website. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin for this. Under the Social heading is Pinterest and there you can paste the code. Save the code and click on the Pinterest website on finish.


We are going to give your Pinterest account a face, your face. A clear name, photo and an intro. In the intro you tell who you are and what you have to offer.

Make boards

Make boards with the topics that touch your product or service. To reach your target group, it is important that your signs match your product or service. They must match your blog, webshop or website. Put the most popular signs at the top, these are the first to be seen when someone comes to your page.

Step 2. Pins

The pins have a certain size. The images are vertical and it’s important that you work with these dimensions. The moment you start using horizontal images with a different size, they will appear small and then Pinterest visitors will look over them. The responses will then not be forthcoming. The dimensions of a Pinterest image are: 735 px x 1102 px.

Be consistent.

The moment you make a different image each time with different colors, different font and a different appearance, it becomes a mess. The moment you start working with the same templates and let the same fonts and colors come back, people will recognize your images. This will ultimately receive more response. Take care of this recognition.

Put text in the images.

To attract the attention of the visitors it’s important that there is an attractive text on the pin. A catchy text that makes people curious and look further. Make sure you have clear fonts so that they are easy to read. Do not make the text too long.

Step 3. Start with pins.

Now everything is ready and you can start with pins. It is important to become very active on Pinterest. The more active you are, the more Pinterest will reward you by recommending you to visitors. Schedule your moment to pin and daily. You prefer to do it a number of times a day as there are a number of peak moments on Pinterest.

If it becomes difficult for you to pin a number of times, then start with once a day or use programs where you can schedule your pins. For example, think of Tailwind. I will return to this extensively in another blog post (then I will also add the link here)

Secret board.

For items that you want to keep for yourself and not for your visitors, you can use a secret board. You can select this when you create a new board. You can also add your personal pins here, so that you can quickly find them again when you want to use them again for a new pin.

Good luck with pinning!