3 Important things to realize before you start making money online.

3 Important things to realize before you start making money online.

I’ve spent years making money online. The fact that it didn’t work out was of course due to a number of factors. As stubborn as I was, I just rumbled on and kept hoping it would work out. I also knew that I was going to succeed in the end, I felt that and I wanted to work hard for that too, but if you ignore a number of factors, it really won’t work.

So to make sure that it will take you a lot of time before you can start making money, I will give you a few factors that you should think carefully about before you start something.

3 Important things to realize before you start making money online.

I actually did what other internet entrepreneurs around me did. But why did they get their bins of money and not me? Very frustrating I can tell you, but that are lessons. I was only concerned with the fact that I wanted to make money from it and that is the wrong way of thinking. You achieve nothing with that.

I will now share with you what was really a changeover for me. It has definitely changed my business for me. I now do what I like and I earn my income from it.

I focused on too many things at once. I have a big disadvantage and that is that I like a lot of things to do and was actually busy with many things at the same time. Because of this I lost focus and nothing came off. So I had nothing to offer my customers either. Do you also suffer from this, then this is the first tip:

Do what you really like and focus on it.

Make choices and don’t keep doing everything. It can be a few things, as long as you can fully focus on these things.

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These factors really make a difference to you if you want to be successful:

1. Do what you like. I started doing what I like. I was always trying to figure out what I could make money with and then you have the wrong focus. I came up with many ideas and saw a lot in others. I thought “I can do that too”. I started that fanatically on an Ebook or a guide and I was convinced that I could sell it to my customers. That will also work if you persevere, but I noticed that I was not busy with what I really liked. I just thought about what the customer would want and don’t get me wrong, it is very important to know what your ideal customer wants, but you can only help that customer if what it is about is also your passion and you are there knows a lot about it. What I did wasn’t really I .. What I really wanted was to inspire, help and motivate people. Only in a different way than I always have. I worked in healthcare and helping and worrying is in me. I had to do something with that. I just couldn’t figure out how to do that. I then focused on that and, after a budget coach course, chose the direction to help people who are struggling to make ends meet. Besides my training,

I have the experience myself, so I was able to help my clients well because I understand them like no other.

Besides that I have always been creative and so now I am wonderfully creative again and hope to combine this with this blog. Planning comes from getting your administration in order and I will get to work on that. Organize in a fun way and show customers that budgeting really doesn’t have to be boring. I want you to think carefully about what you really like to do, without immediately thinking about making money from it. Start by doing what you like, what you are good at and what you are passionate about. You will see that once you are doing that, the money will come naturally. Otherwise you only work against yourself.

2. Does your idea have value? If you are busy with what you like, you will see what has market value. Look at which part of what you do you can make money from. You can make more money with one easier and more money than the other. I always think and should be easier ways to make money. Think about which products or services you can offer that are of value and that require little effort for you to do and that people are willing to pay money for. If you offer something that is complex and that you cannot really put into words, how are you going to go about it? How do you offer something that is not clear to yourself? Not so .. you quickly make it too complicated and then people drop out. So don’t think too hard and try to make money in an easy way. If your product or service is clear and you can clearly show that it works, people are happy to spend money for it. Try to take the easy way and show that your product has value.

3. Write down what you are good at. If you compare the first two factors, a problem can arise there. Do what you like and sell what has value. You may be able to be very good at something and it sells well, but you don’t like to do that or you really enjoy doing something and you can’t sell it because nobody is going to pay for it. Now write down everything you are good at, what you like and what people want to pay money for. Make it visual for yourself. It would be nice if there is something that appears on both lists, because then you have found your focus. You will have to experiment with this, see what will work for you. That is the beginning of your adventure in the online world of making money.

What makes sense to you? Sometimes something seems logical and easy to you and you think everyone knows or can. I have always made that mistake. I thought I had nothing to report, but nothing could be further from the truth. So what I do without thinking might be a chore and something unknown to someone else. Make use of that and offer your knowledge. Start with the basics as they say and because you do not immediately offer too difficult information, the threshold is low for many people to start and so you have your first customers. You will then naturally grow with your customers because you are constantly developing yourself. Think about what is obvious to you and what you are good at and teach this to your customers.

Your customers don’t need to know everything you know! You help them, but they don’t have to become an expert like you are.

If I have less income for a month, it will not bother me very much, because I have known long enough how to deal with it. I don’t have to come up with a plan for that anymore. And that is precisely the information that I can easily give to customers who do struggle with this. I often thought too hard and didn’t know what information to give my customers, but by thinking less hard I can help many people who don’t even know where to start. The first online program was then the first that I started selling online and still sell. Think of a way that suits you with which you can share your information with your customers. There is no one way to do it, but there are several ways. Just don’t think too hard.

BONUS TIP: What you also have to take into account are your money blocks.

You will also have to work on your money blocks. You can still be so good at what you do and have such a beautiful product that everyone wants, but if you miss something and there is something that is holding you back, it will never work. You work against yourself if you don’t work on your money blocks. What is stopping you from making money? Do you believe that money can be made and do you believe that you can and should earn money with what you do. Do you think it’s worth what you ask for your product or service or do you have doubts about it? I really had to work on this because it cost me a lot of time and money because I wasn’t working on this. Focus on working on your money blocks. I had a lot of ideas and haven’t made any money on it for a long time. And then you are an entrepreneur without turnover. Of course I also want to help you with this. Those blockages have to go. You probably think that is easier said than done, but I can teach you how to go about it and you will see that everything will change for you too. I want you to get a profitable business and that you experience the freedom that comes with it. You get a company that suits you. Find out what is stopping you from making money and stop sabotaging yourself, what that is what you are doing. You work against yourself and you don’t know how to break this.

Knowledge is power! As soon as you know what your money block is, you can tackle that blockage and the moment it is lurking again, you immediately recognize it and you do not give yourself to it. This bit is so important when it comes to making money and why it doesn’t work out. You hear a lot about them that it is so easy to make money online, but you hardly hear this. And that while it is so important to be aware of what your blockages are when it comes to making money.


Information about Emergency Funds

Information about Emergency Funds

Living on a low budget.

Really, it’s not always easy to turn around every penny. You get tired of it if you always have to say no and can’t do anything. You feel that it will not end and you will always have to live like that. And if you just keep hoping that there will be more work, more income and more freedom and it will never come, it would make you moody and depressed.

But I’m convinced that everything stops once, that this also passes and you can close this period. But until that time you have to keep your head above water and ensure that you don’t go under it.

The first step:

An Emergency Fund

Although it’s not easy to save money when you live on a low income, it’s still very important to start saving for your emergency fund.

Information about Emergency Funds

I think it’s very important to have an emergency fund. The percentage that doesn’t have an emergency fund is about only 26 – 30%. They get in trouble when they need money fast. Only 40% of families have enough in savings to cover three months of expenses, with an even lower percentage having the usually recommended six months worth of savings. These are frightening numbers, as having an emergency fund can greatly help a person get through tough parts in life.

I’m always glad that I make sure that there is enough money for me when my car is broke, I have to go to the vet with my dogs or another emergency. Without this emergency fund I would really be in big trouble.

Why an emergency fund?

There are many reasons why you should have an emergency fund.

  • If you lose your job an emergency fund can help you get through the first time you are without your job. It can happen to everyone, don’t think it would not happen to you. Just be prepared if it does happens.
  • Do you have a great health insurance or not? If you don’t having an emergency fund is very wise.
  • Do you have a car? What if something is broken? Do you have the money to pay the garage? Save money in your emergency fund for your car. Do you have money for another car when your car is broke and can not be fixed anymore?
  • Do you have a own home? What if you have an unexpected home repair? Your emergency fund can help you with this.
  • Do you have pets? What if you need to go to the vet. The bills are mostly very expensive. Another reason for you to make an emergency fund.

If you read this reasons why you should have an emergency fund you probably know that it’s good to have one. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you can afford this unexpected costs.

There was a time when I didn’t have an emergency fund. I couldn’t sleep of the stress it gave me not having money for emergencies. I was always afraid that something would happen and I didn’t have the money to fix it.

For me that’s the main reason why I have an emergency fund and why I believe you should have one too.

It’s time you are going to worry about other things then financial problems.

An emergency fund is also wise to have because it can help prevent unnecessary debt. There are too many people out there who count on their credit cards as their emergency fund and that is not a good idea. It can lead to debt spiraling out of control because of high interest rates.

Below is what you need to know about emergency funds for when you need money fast.

Should you have an emergency fund if you are in debt?

Yes, you do! You should have an emergency fund even if you have debt. If you have debt, then the usual recommended amount is to have $1,000 in your emergency fund before you start paying down your debt.

After that amount, you need to determine what you are comfortable with.

Most people will think that you start with paying of debt first, but how are you going to pay the vet, the car repair or another emergency. Right! You are going to make more debts and that’s the one thing we don’t want anymore.  You will have the feeling that you will never go out of debt this way.

How much money for the emergency fund?

How much money is up to you. If you don’t have a car, no pets and your rent your home then you need less. If you do have those things you need more in your emergency fund.

Do you have debts? Then you save $1000 and then you start with paying of debts. If you don’t have debt, then I usually recommend at least three to six months of expenses.

If you are self employed you need to think about what you need if business is going down.

How can I save enough money to fully fund my emergency fund?

After reading all of the above, I bet you cannot wait to start your emergency fund.

It may be hard in the beginning to start saving for your emergency fund, but everyone has to start somewhere and it’s always best to be prepared for when you need money fast. You can save money for your emergency fund by setting out a certain amount out of each paycheck, or you can work towards making extra money so that you can build up your emergency fund even quicker.

Emergency Funds

6 Ways to stay positive when you have a low budget.

6 Ways to stay positive when you have a low budget.

Really, it’s not always easy to turn around every penny. You get tired of it if you always have to say no and can’t do anything. You feel that it will not end and you will always have to live like that. And if you just keep hoping that there will be more work, more income and more freedom and it will never come, it would make you moody and depressed.

But I’m convinced that everything stops once, that this also passes and you can close this period. But until that time you have to keep your head above water and ensure that you don’t go under it.

If you’re unable to stay positive for a while, I hope these thoughts will cheer you up again. If you keep thinking negatively nothing will change.

1. Remind yourself why you have a low budget.

Why? What’s the reason that you are in this situation and don’t have much to spend? This can have a different reason for everyone. Do you have to make a living from one income so that the other can take care of and raise the children, are there debts, is there a high mortgage against which you hate, are you sick at home or are you fired. It could be all kinds of reasons why you don’t have enough money. Whatever the reason, try to remember what the reason is. Be aware why you’re in this situation. You have to understand. It can help you if you are gloomy about how your finances are doing.

2. Try to be creative.

There are many things that you can do that are free or don’t cost much. I was only at home for a while, because I didn’t spend any money. The safest way, of course, but you will lock yourself up and that’s not good for anyone. Take your children to a playground or park, go for a picnic, to the library, the beach, flea markets, free museum or cultural routes organized in your hometown. Sometimes you have to search, but there are often many free things to do in your own place of residence. You can also organize something yourself, for example a creative afternoon in the community center or do something else fun with neighbors. You have to do really nice things to stay positive. It’s also a challenge to find something that is free or costs as little as possible. And really take action, just do it!

3. Just jump outside the tire.(Dutch expression)

Excessions don’t always have to be expensive and must be able to occasionally. Try to reserve something in your monthly budget for a moment for yourself or something nice that you would like to have but never actually buy. Even if it’s only five or ten dollars. Buy a nice magazine or go get an ice cream with the kids.

Allow yourself this. And you really need this lucky moment now and then. That’s how you keep it up. It also prevents you from suddenly spending a large amount if you can’t hold back for a moment if you deny yourself everything.

4. It’s often a period.

Comfort yourself with the thought that this situation you’re in will pass again. Be convinced of that. Some of us will have to live longer on a low budget than others, but assume that better times will come for you too. You’ll find work, get a raise, can work more hours or have an extra income. It can all happen, as long as you keep believing in it. In time this will also positively change your budget.

5. Focus.

Make a list of important things in your life. Take a good look at this and realize what it’s all about for YOU in YOUR life. This list is your focus. Do you want new clothes, on vacation or a different car? Or do you find your partner, your children, your family, your health and spending time together important? Focus what life is all about. Often you realize that the most important things don’t have to cost you money at all.

There is always time to make money, but the time to spend with your family can be very short. Don’t forget to enjoy this. List your priorities and make sure that you make your decisions based on your list. The rest is often all material, this can be replaced and doesn’t give you the memories that you cherish later that you could miss instead of focusing on. You don’t want that, do you?

6. Give to others.

Although you don’t have much to spend, you have to watch out that you keep everything to yourself and only think about yourself. Remember that there are always people who are worse off than you. If you are fighting with your own (financial) situation, there is always someone who is even worse and is fighting a bigger fight. If you feel down, look for a way to help others. No better feeling than that I think.

It doesn’t always have to cost anything. I say love is free. Be there for someone who needs a listening ear or who can help you with a job at home or with a message. It really gives a good feeling to be there for someone and here you get the positive moments for yourself. Who does well, meets well!

Try to stay optimistic when you live on a tight budget. It can be a big fight with yourself if you forget why you are in this situation. Try to make it fun and don’t forget that this period also passes once. So keep focusing on what is important to you and what makes you happy. You are really on your way to a happier life and a better budget.

Don’t forget to check how far you are during this trip. Maybe you have already repaid a large part of your debts or your mortgage, you have found work or an extra income. If you stay positive, you will achieve a lot.

Good luck!

Why you should have a minimum of $1000.

Why you should have a minimum of $1000.

It’s so easy to say, at least $1000, – but that of course it is not. I know that all too well. How do you get it done you wonder and why would you keep that money back if you can now live something easily through it? The moment you want to put some money aside, the temptation is of course very great to buy something nice for it, to be less strict with regard to your expenses or to get a little more shopping out of it.

It’s so important to have an emergency fund. The moment you put some money aside, you don’t feel it and you don’t feel the added value of doing that. That is also a major pitfall when it comes to budgeting. This is really part of it. Later you will also find that it’s a wise choice.

From my own experience I can tell you that it’s really nice that I have money in my savings account and only take money from it if it’s really necessary.  A real emergency fund so.

Sometimes you have those times that you get one unexpected bill after the other. Amounts that don’t fall under the fixed costs. A visit to the vet and a repair to the car that come in one month at a time cannot be accommodated if you have a minimum income. You run out of money for that month right away and you just have to see how you get through the rest of the month.

At that moment I am happy that I don’t have to lie awake asking how I will pay for it. Because I always live economically and put money aside, I can happily pay these bills. Even if you only set a small amount separately each time, it does increase and it may be enough at some point to cover these unexpected expenses.

Don’t think that it’s immediately a big pot, but I have noticed in recent years that I have less money stress because of this.

The moment I have a month with more income, for example in May when the holiday pay is there, I immediately put the other money in the savings account. This way I ensure that I have no problem in the months that follow if I have an unexpected release.

It’s of course very tempting to spend the extra money on something nice. Holidays, a different car or clothing. You name it, it seems so obvious to many people that they can use this for this. It’s not called holiday pay for nothing, right? Yet I try not to be tempted, because I know that I will benefit later.

Of course you can spend a small amount on something that you would like, after all, you can sometimes spoil yourself. Watch out that you have made a limit for yourself in advance of how high that amount may be. This allows you to indulge yourself without feeling guilty.

Previously I had really sleepless nights because of my financial problems. I really don’t want that anymore and I don’t have to. As long as I make sure that the emergency jar stays filled and that I keep a close eye on the fact that it doesn’t shrink too much. Start building an emergency pot now. Even if it’s only a small amount that can be missed at a time, every bit helps. It’s better to save a little bit than to spend a little bit too much.

Are you prepared for bad times or are you unable to build up reserves? I’m curious about your comments.


Always within the lines

Always within the lines

Always within the lines.

As long as I can remember I have always been good. 

Listening well and do what was asked of me.

Even though I grumbled sometimes, I did it eventually. 

At school I was the one in the class that was always bullied.

I didn’t even dare say anything. Not in class. Not to the teacher. Not to the other children. To no one.

If I said anything then I would be bullied or laughed at.

I was very shy and, as you understand, had few friends.

It took me decades before I really stood up for myself.

Sometimes it’s still difficult to say everything I would like to say to people I have in front of me. I just think… and think.

This feeling still works against me every day. Especially in my business.

When I try to sell a program or course I’m afraid people won’t pay me money for that. That feeling gets less as I get more and more experience wih selling.

Also because I have come to realize that I can also earn money. And also a lot if I want to.

This took some time and hard work.

Working on myself, loving myself, think I can make money too.

And that it is ok.

Damn, it’s ok!

Why should I make less money then I want to?

Because I’ve always accepted it! I always said: I don’t have much money. I don’t earn much money. I wish I had more money, but…

You see the pattern here?

I blogged as a budgetcoach and I was always writing about savings and having less money.

No wonder I wasn’t making more money.

I was always in the short zone.

Until I realised that and I made a switch.

I read a lot about money coaches, about making money and, what I missed mostly, about Money Mindset.

And that’s were the switch came.

I was not allowing myself to earn more money. It’s a logical story.

If I was only thinking about less money, I would never ever have more of it!

Within the lines…

It also goes back before I was making my own believes. We all get much of our believes from our parents. How they think about money and act with money is how I did it either. I was living the same live as they were living it. 

I don’t know how your experience is with your parents, but when I say something that is another opinion then they have then I will hear it. Often when I look at myself I see my parents. And the good things are ok, but if I see things were I think of differently it is a battle.

Will I always be within these lines?

Most of the time when I see them I am, just because they don’t get what I think. I’ve learned a lot the last years about entrepreneurs, business, money mindset and go on. They have no idea what I’m talking about. And that’s ok. 

But when I’m in my own zone, I’m not within the lines anymore.

I like drawing outside the lines and you know? It’s beautiful outside the lines.

I’m open for more to see.

You can not always be within the lines.

I want to tell you that you should not always be within the lines.

Are you? Within the lines right now?

Realise when you are and why.

Sometimes you just can’t do the things you want in your way and on your terms. You are not alone on this world. But it is good to realise when you are and when you aren’t.

You have to think about it, because you don’t want to life like others want you to.

At least they don’t!

And do you want them to live like you want them to? No, you don’t even think about that.

But you do think about what others think you should do. You know what? They don’t even know it that they do that. They don’t know that they put their believes, opinions and norms to you. They just think that their truth is the only truth. 

Stop that right now and live your life on your terms!

75 Ways to make extra Money.

75 Ways to make extra Money.

75 Ways to make extra Money.

We all want to make some extra money and have more to spend. There are many ways to make extra money, no matter how much time you have left to get started. Here are 75 ways to make extra money.

You can really do various things to make extra money. “How am I going to make extra money?” You wonder now.

That’s the most frequently asked question I got as a budgetcoach. I understand that it is difficult and you don’t know where to start and what to do.

I have made a list with many ideas for making extra money. This list is for everyone who wants to make extra money. There is something in the list for you, I know it!

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Start your own business.

23 ways to make extra money by starting for yourself. Starting your own business can be a great way to make extra money and can even grow into a thriving business that you can work full time on and create a good income with.

1. Start a blog. Blogging is a way in which many people make money. One more than the other, but you can earn money with it. You can start your blog for a small amount per month. There are several books and courses to help you build a blog.

2. Do you love to mess around in your garden? Then keep the garden for others. Cutting grass, weeding, cleaning gutters, clearing leaves and dead branches.

3. Fitting on houses. It is becoming more famous in the travel world. Do you want to go on holiday, but do not have money for this or do you want to save money, then you can look after someone’s house. Perhaps you can find a nice place with a nice environment where you can look after a house for a while. Sometimes there are pets that need to be taken care of and sometimes you even get paid for it. Many websites can be found when you are looking for this.

4. Fitting and / or walking on animals. Many people work and don’t have time to walk the dog. They can hire you for that. You can even walk a number of dogs at once if you start your own dog walking service.

5. Dog trainer. If dogs are your passion, you can give training to dog owners. You do need training for this to become a good trainer.

6. Test products. You can do this via the internet. You can register and if a product needs to be tested you may be asked to do so. Do you still have a few free products and you can also be paid for them.

7. Become a driver. You can sign up with Uber and earn money by taking people to their destination. You decide how much time you put into this and how much you earn.  

8. Babysitter. You can earn a nice extra money this way. If you really want to earn more money, start your own childcare from home. There are rules attached to this, but you can take care of a number of children at the same time.

9. Are you handy? Then start as a handyman / woman and offer help to people who have chores around and around the house. They are becoming increasingly scarce, so these people have a really good chance of finding work.

10. Cleaning. Cleaning houses is a very well-known way of making extra money. Demand remains and if you enjoy cleaning (yes, those people are there), you can earn a nice extra with this. I know someone who runs a good cleaning company and cleans offices and companies.

11. Mover. Many people need help with moving. Set up your own moving company together with a partner. The earnings are often very good.

12. Photography. Many people have photography as a hobby, but you can develop professionally if you like it. You can now also sell your photos to internet companies. A nice extra merit. Take some courses to make sure you can take good photos. It often starts with friends and family and can grow into a well-run company.

13. Hobbies. If you know a lot about your hobby, you can also earn money with it. Give workshops or courses to share your knowledge and experience with others. It doesn’t matter what you do, music, crochet, diving, whatever.

14. Homework guidance and tutoring. Many people want to give extra tutoring for their child in certain subjects. If you know a lot about a profession, you can lend a helping hand. It often pays very well.

15. Window washer. A very well-known job is the window cleaner. There is a lot of work to be found and it’s quite nice if you can wash several houses at the same time in a street after good word of mouth.

16. Washing cars. You can also earn some nice money with this.

17. Do you enjoy entertaining children? Organize children’s parties and make sure you have good face painting, crafts and possibly make animals from balloons. Many people still give it up if they no longer know how to entertain the children on a birthday.

18.Painter. If you can paint well and neatly, then this might be something for you. Paint houses for others and earn extra money with this.

19. Your own courier company. You can deliver packages and papers for many companies.

20. Wedding planner. Do you like weddings and is organizing something you don’t turn your hands around? Then wedding planner is the job for you. Many people take someone in the arm to help prepare the wedding and also ensure that the day runs smoothly. You take care of everything from the bride and groom so that they experience the most beautiful day of their lives. How nice it is to witness that.

21. A fairly new concept is the event planner. You organize events and take a lot out of the hands of the organizer.

22. Do you like ironing? Then iron for others. People bring their clean laundry to you and they can pick it up ironed again. You can really get good earnings from this.

23. Do you like baking? Start your own business in baking and selling cakes and cupcakes. It often starts with family and friends and can eventually grow into a real business, where you are asked to bake a cake for wedding, maternity party and birthdays.

Do you want to know how you can easely start a side business?

Get your free guide here!

Find a part-time job to earn extra money.

There are many part-time jobs that you can do next to your current (full-time or part-time) job. That way you also get extra money.

24. Go help with fireworks during the Christmas holidays. They often ask extra staff for this because of the busy days. They are temporary jobs, but often deserve fun and money. 

25. A part-time job in the summer. Go to a beach tent or a terrace to see if they can use extra help in the service or the kitchen. At a local pool, they also need extra help in the summer when the outdoor pool is open. 

26. Behind the bar at a restaurant, bar or other entertainment venue. Working hours are often on weekends and in the evenings, so they can often be combined with another full-time job. 

27. Hostess or host in a restaurant. You receive the guests and guide them to their table, clean up, and make sure everything runs smoothly for the guests. A nice job to earn extra money.

28. On-call teacher. Raids for teachers who are sick or on leave. 

29. Another form of catering with which you can earn extra money is in a hotel or holiday park. Various functions are available, both for seasonal work and throughout the year. 

30. Working in a store. There are several functions to work in a store. As a seller, filler or cashier. You can often work enough hours there and you earn good money. In addition, you often get a discount on the products. 

31. Tour guide. Do you like to go abroad then tour guide may be something for you. Ask travel companies if it’s possible that you can work in another country for a summer. A nice experience and you earn something with it.

32. Work at a swimming pool as a lifeguard, keep a private pool clean or keep an eye on safety at a water park in a holiday park.  33. Guiding in the gym. You can follow a training for this, but often without a diploma you can already do all kinds of work in a gym. Often you also get a discount for yourself if you want to exercise, which is also a bonus.  34. Deliver newspapers. The side job that many young people have done or are still doing. Deliver newspapers and / or folders. A nice merit and you can also organize your own time.  35. There are also flower / plant auctions or vegetables / fruit auctions where you can work. Many part-timers are requested because it is often seasonal work.  36. They can often use some help on the farm. Just visit a few farms and see what you can do there.  37. Personal assistant. This profession is increasingly emerging. You can help someone with administration, groceries, food, household chores and appointment planning. A nice job with a lot of variety.  38. Private help for people with disabilities. Think of shopping, taking care of meals and participation. A nice job in which you can mean a lot to someone.  39. Figurant. Do you like to be seen in a series or movie? You can register as an extra, you get paid for this and you also have a nice experience.

Earn money online.

Making money online is no longer new, but there are still people who have no idea how to use it.

The best part is that you can do it wherever you want. At home behind the laptop, on vacation or wherever you are.

You can work anywhere online nowadays.

40. If you are good with the English language, you can become a blog editor. You check the blogs for spelling mistakes and grammar. A nice extra income. 

41. Many people still struggle to find a job. It often turns out that their C.V. is out of order or looks sloppy. You can help others with their C.V. get it in order. Offer yourself online. 

42. Are you good at creating content for social media? Then there is a lot of work to be found here. Many companies are looking for people who manage social media for them and if you are known in the social media world and you manage the steps you need to take to reach the customer, they are certainly waiting for you. 

43. If you have a lot of knowledge about building websites, you can help companies / entrepreneurs with their website. Entrepreneurs pay for this and you can really earn good money if you put yourself on the map. 

44. Freelance writing. Many online businesses use freelance writers to put a piece of text on their website. That way they don’t have to write everything themselves. You can sell articles about certain topics that you know about, for example to blogs or informative websites. 

45. Virtual assistants are increasingly requested by internet entrepreneurs. They take a lot of work off your hands, so the entrepreneur only wants to focus on those things that are important to him or her. There are various tasks you can get, answering emails, keeping an appointment calendar, organizational tasks, addressing customers and the like. A varied job that can earn fun. 

46. Completing surveys. There are many companies that pay for surveys. Several can be found on the internet. You don’t always get paid in money, but often in products. This differs per website. 

47. Create an online program to help your customers. Here you can earn a nice income. If you know a lot about something, you can share this information with your customers that way.

Selling stuff.

There are many ways to get extra money. Likewise by selling objects. We all have some stuff lying around in the house or in cupboards that we no longer use. Get rid of it! 

48. Sell your stuff on marketplace. Everyone knows the website and you can often lose some of your stuff. 

49. Various sales groups can be found on Facebook. Many have been set up from a specific region. It’s easier to sell something in your own region, because people come to you faster to pick up something. Collecting and paying right away is a great option. You are less likely not to receive your money or the product. 

50. EBAY. Another way to sell your stuff is through EBAY. You have a global reach and are therefore more likely to sell your product. 

51. Selling to thrift stores. Not all thrift stores pay for your stuff, but they are there. If you really have items that are of value, such as old items and antiques, then the shop owner wants to give them something for that. 

52. Sell your clothes to a second-hand clothing store. We have one around here and she takes clothes twice a year, winter and summer clothes, and she sells them in her shop. Half of the proceeds go to the customer who brings the clothes and the other half to her. A good concept that really works.

53. Selling through a flea market or trunk sale. It can be an easy way to get rid of your belongings and earn an extra penny. Do not expect large amounts for it, because people try to pay as little as possible. But I always say every little bit helps.  54. Sell your old books. Often we have quite a lot of books that we have already read. Then they are dusted in the closet or attic.  55. If you have discount coupons for a day out, a day at the sauna and you are not going to use them, then sell these coupons. For a little less than the discount you have an extra and the person who purchases it’s a nice discount.  56. If you have any homemade stuff you would like to sell, do so via Etsy. This is a website where these products can be found. Hobby stuff, vintage and flea market, homemade items and more things like that can be found there.  57. I know someone who sells meals. She cooks a little extra and via Facebook she puts a message down and you can pick it up at her place. So… cook and sell food!  58. Think about starting an online store. You can sell both second-hand items and new items. Here you have all the options.

Earn extra money with your current job.

You can always check where you can find opportunities to earn extra money within your current job.  59. Dare to ask! Ask for a pay raise. This is one of the best ways to generate extra money, because the work remains the same and you don’t have to spend extra time on it.  60. If a promotion is possible within the company where you work, take it with both hands. The hourly wages will also rise as a result.  61. Ask if there is an opportunity to work more hours. This creates more income for yourself. If overtime has to be worked, take it with both hands.  62. Develop. Ask the company where you work about the possibilities for further development. The company often pays for the course and you learn something new. This gives you more opportunities on the labor market and on a promotion.

Earn extra money by renting out.

There are many things you may be able to rent to others. This is a way that many people would not think of quickly, but this is also a good way to make money.  63. Do you have a garage and don’t use it at all or you have space left? Then rent the space so that people have a good place for their belongings. For example, someone could park a car in it. So you don’t have to do much to earn extra money.  64. If you have your own parking space and do not use it, you can rent it out to someone who is short of a place in your area. This way you also have extra income.  65. If you have an extra room, rent it out. You can register via Airbnb, this is a site where you can find and register a room.  66. Rent out the car. If you do not always need your car, you can rent it out. You can rent the car for a short or long term. Make sure the insurance is in order. Think carefully if you just want to let everyone drive your car.  67. Rent products that belong to certain party occasions. Think of a stork in the garden or rusk with mice on the door at a birth or party items when someone turns 50 or decorations that belong to a wedding. People do not have to purchase this for one-time use.

Other ways to make money.

Beyond the categories I just discussed, there are other ways to make extra money.  68. Place ads on your car, there are companies that pay you to put an ad on your car. If there is room on your car and you don’t mind placing an ad, check it out! It is still a fixed amount per month.  69. Invest. There are no guarantees when it comes to investing, but there are people who have a feeling for it. If you have time to delve into this and know what to bet on then it can be quite rewarding.  70. One loves them, the other finds them annoying. Participate in all giveaways that you come across. You will probably have a price. The disadvantage is that they often want a lot of information from you, which is something that not everyone is waiting for.  71. Recycling is something you should do as much as possible. You save a lot of money with this and you save money again. Besides that, people sometimes make the best things and then sell them at flea markets and online.  72. Write a book or articles for magazines or newspapers. Columns and blogs are very popular.  73. Buying and selling. There are people who really make a lot of money buying stuff at flea markets and thrift stores and then selling it for a little more. It is an intensive activity, but the money you have left over can add up considerably. What other ways to make extra money are there? If you know one that’s not on this list, tell me!