3 Important things to realize before you start making money online.

3 Important things to realize before you start making money online.

I’ve spent years making money online. The fact that it didn’t work out was of course due to a number of factors. As stubborn as I was, I just rumbled on and kept hoping it would work out. I also knew that I was going to succeed in the end, I felt that and I wanted to work hard for that too, but if you ignore a number of factors, it really won’t work.

So to make sure that it will take you a lot of time before you can start making money, I will give you a few factors that you should think carefully about before you start something.

3 Important things to realize before you start making money online.

I actually did what other internet entrepreneurs around me did. But why did they get their bins of money and not me? Very frustrating I can tell you, but that are lessons. I was only concerned with the fact that I wanted to make money from it and that is the wrong way of thinking. You achieve nothing with that.

I will now share with you what was really a changeover for me. It has definitely changed my business for me. I now do what I like and I earn my income from it.

I focused on too many things at once. I have a big disadvantage and that is that I like a lot of things to do and was actually busy with many things at the same time. Because of this I lost focus and nothing came off. So I had nothing to offer my customers either. Do you also suffer from this, then this is the first tip:

Do what you really like and focus on it.

Make choices and don’t keep doing everything. It can be a few things, as long as you can fully focus on these things.

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These factors really make a difference to you if you want to be successful:

1. Do what you like. I started doing what I like. I was always trying to figure out what I could make money with and then you have the wrong focus. I came up with many ideas and saw a lot in others. I thought “I can do that too”. I started that fanatically on an Ebook or a guide and I was convinced that I could sell it to my customers. That will also work if you persevere, but I noticed that I was not busy with what I really liked. I just thought about what the customer would want and don’t get me wrong, it is very important to know what your ideal customer wants, but you can only help that customer if what it is about is also your passion and you are there knows a lot about it. What I did wasn’t really I .. What I really wanted was to inspire, help and motivate people. Only in a different way than I always have. I worked in healthcare and helping and worrying is in me. I had to do something with that. I just couldn’t figure out how to do that. I then focused on that and, after a budget coach course, chose the direction to help people who are struggling to make ends meet. Besides my training,

I have the experience myself, so I was able to help my clients well because I understand them like no other.

Besides that I have always been creative and so now I am wonderfully creative again and hope to combine this with this blog. Planning comes from getting your administration in order and I will get to work on that. Organize in a fun way and show customers that budgeting really doesn’t have to be boring. I want you to think carefully about what you really like to do, without immediately thinking about making money from it. Start by doing what you like, what you are good at and what you are passionate about. You will see that once you are doing that, the money will come naturally. Otherwise you only work against yourself.

2. Does your idea have value? If you are busy with what you like, you will see what has market value. Look at which part of what you do you can make money from. You can make more money with one easier and more money than the other. I always think and should be easier ways to make money. Think about which products or services you can offer that are of value and that require little effort for you to do and that people are willing to pay money for. If you offer something that is complex and that you cannot really put into words, how are you going to go about it? How do you offer something that is not clear to yourself? Not so .. you quickly make it too complicated and then people drop out. So don’t think too hard and try to make money in an easy way. If your product or service is clear and you can clearly show that it works, people are happy to spend money for it. Try to take the easy way and show that your product has value.

3. Write down what you are good at. If you compare the first two factors, a problem can arise there. Do what you like and sell what has value. You may be able to be very good at something and it sells well, but you don’t like to do that or you really enjoy doing something and you can’t sell it because nobody is going to pay for it. Now write down everything you are good at, what you like and what people want to pay money for. Make it visual for yourself. It would be nice if there is something that appears on both lists, because then you have found your focus. You will have to experiment with this, see what will work for you. That is the beginning of your adventure in the online world of making money.

What makes sense to you? Sometimes something seems logical and easy to you and you think everyone knows or can. I have always made that mistake. I thought I had nothing to report, but nothing could be further from the truth. So what I do without thinking might be a chore and something unknown to someone else. Make use of that and offer your knowledge. Start with the basics as they say and because you do not immediately offer too difficult information, the threshold is low for many people to start and so you have your first customers. You will then naturally grow with your customers because you are constantly developing yourself. Think about what is obvious to you and what you are good at and teach this to your customers.

Your customers don’t need to know everything you know! You help them, but they don’t have to become an expert like you are.

If I have less income for a month, it will not bother me very much, because I have known long enough how to deal with it. I don’t have to come up with a plan for that anymore. And that is precisely the information that I can easily give to customers who do struggle with this. I often thought too hard and didn’t know what information to give my customers, but by thinking less hard I can help many people who don’t even know where to start. The first online program was then the first that I started selling online and still sell. Think of a way that suits you with which you can share your information with your customers. There is no one way to do it, but there are several ways. Just don’t think too hard.

BONUS TIP: What you also have to take into account are your money blocks.

You will also have to work on your money blocks. You can still be so good at what you do and have such a beautiful product that everyone wants, but if you miss something and there is something that is holding you back, it will never work. You work against yourself if you don’t work on your money blocks. What is stopping you from making money? Do you believe that money can be made and do you believe that you can and should earn money with what you do. Do you think it’s worth what you ask for your product or service or do you have doubts about it? I really had to work on this because it cost me a lot of time and money because I wasn’t working on this. Focus on working on your money blocks. I had a lot of ideas and haven’t made any money on it for a long time. And then you are an entrepreneur without turnover. Of course I also want to help you with this. Those blockages have to go. You probably think that is easier said than done, but I can teach you how to go about it and you will see that everything will change for you too. I want you to get a profitable business and that you experience the freedom that comes with it. You get a company that suits you. Find out what is stopping you from making money and stop sabotaging yourself, what that is what you are doing. You work against yourself and you don’t know how to break this.

Knowledge is power! As soon as you know what your money block is, you can tackle that blockage and the moment it is lurking again, you immediately recognize it and you do not give yourself to it. This bit is so important when it comes to making money and why it doesn’t work out. You hear a lot about them that it is so easy to make money online, but you hardly hear this. And that while it is so important to be aware of what your blockages are when it comes to making money.


Working with animals.

Working with animals.

Do you like animals and do you want to earn an extra cent?

Then this blog is for you!

I have collected some ideas for you. One will be logical and familiar, the other less. Still, if you are a true animal lover, I hope there is something for you to get started.

working with animals

1. Let the dogs out. Something that is already being done a lot and where work always remains. Walking dogs for people who work and whose dogs otherwise sit alone for too long and can not do their needs. Ideal if you like the outdoors, animals and walking.

2. Animal-Babysitter. When people go on vacation they often look for someone who can take care of their pets and the house. You are expected to keep the house tidy, take good care of the animals, give them food, change their exhaust, clean cages and of course give love. A nice tip: take a look at the home exchange website.

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3. Animal shelter at home. You can go to someone’s house to walk the dogs, for example, but you can also open your house to animals. The owners then bring their dog to you before they go to work and then pick them up after work. Doggie daycare at home. The dog is not alone all day and you can organize your own day at home the way you want.

4. Animal trainer. Are you always working with your dog to learn tricks and do you play a lot with your own dog. Or you don’t have a dog, but you would like to do this. There are people who do have a dog that needs this, but they have no time to go to a course themselves. You can go to training with their dog for a fee. You enjoy it and you earn money with it.

5. Dog breeder. And I don’t mean bread breeding of course! I am strongly against this. Once you have a litter of dogs, you can earn quite a bit with it. However, don’t be mistaken about the costs you make before the puppies are going to their new owners. You can register your work and deal with it with love.

6. Animal insurance advisor. Sounds complicated, but it’s not that bad. More and more people want to insure their animals for the costs that the vet entails. Often they do not know with which insurance they can best take out insurance. You can list all insurance policies and see per customer which is suitable for them. Make a deal with the insurance policies that you get when you bring in a new customer.

7. Clean aquariums. You might not think about it so quickly, but it is a professional job. If you like to do this, there is certainly work to be found. Think of hotels, restaurants, bars, and offices with aquariums. Often the staff do not have the time or inclination to do this job and are therefore outsourced. Go on it I would say, because you will not come across an advertisement very quickly.

8. Design pet clothes. One loves it, the other doesn’t like it. Putting your pet on clothes can be a big business. If you can design exclusive clothes, you like to do, then here is an exclusive job waiting for you.

working with animals

9. Animal funeral director. More and more often people start organizing a funeral after the death of a pet. There is as much as possible and there will be more demand for this in the future.

10. Design memorial stones after pet death.

11. Start animal cemetery. A company in which you offer a nice place for deceased pets.

12. TV commercial or advertisement with your pet. Does your pet have something unique. Can he or she do something special or is he or she incredibly beautiful? Try this out!

13. Organize pet meetings. Now this is already done in nursing homes, but by no means everywhere. You can also set up day care centers. Children and the elderly respond positively to pets.

14. Pets party. Instead of a tupperware party, you can organize a pet party. Buy your unique products and build your own empire.

15. Start a dog or cat cafe.

16. Pet Hotel. Start an animal hotel or guest house. Many people don’t want to just take their pet somewhere when they go on vacation. You can ensure that they have a carefree holiday if you take good care of their pets.

17. Animal photographer. Do you have patience with animals and can you photograph well. Then this is a nice combination with which you can earn good money. Stand out from the crowd and create your own unique brand.

18. Animal artist. Can you draw or paint well, then you can draw or paint a favorite picture of someone’s pet. You make many people happy with this and you can ask a nice amount for it.

19. Dog food delivery boy/girl. Your customers like the food to be delivered. Often there are large bags of heavy food and this can be a problem for many people. Do you have muscles? Then this is your job!

20. Animal physiotherapist. Yes, pets may also need a physiotherapist. Will you help them to a pain free life?

21. Dog grooming salon. This is a well-known profession and there will continue to be enough work in the future. Perfect if you like grooming.

22. Worm farm. You can grow worms and maggots for the fishermen who buy them in pet shops.

23. Insect breeder. If you like insects then this might be for you. Also for sale as food for other animals.

24. Animal blogger. Do you have nice stories to tell about your pet or do you know a lot about pets, then you can blog about this. Learn more about blogging here.

25. Make dog houses. Are you handy and do you enjoy working with wood? Then you can start selling dog houses.

26. Sell ​​products with animal prints on them. Think for example of pens, mugs, kitchen apron, bags, place mats, mouse pad, buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, caps, key rings or balloons. It is not surprising that there is a product you can get started with.

27. Sell ​​seasonal items for animals. Think of jackets for small dogs in the snow or swimming pools for the hot summer.

28. Run your own mini farm. You can of course ask for entrance, but you can also choose not to ask for entrance and then you charge money for some food and then the children can feed the animals.

29. You have to love it, but keeping bees can sell you honey.

30. Give riding lessons. Are you a horse lover and you have a lot of experience in this. Then you can give driving lessons. You can also take care of someone else’s horse for a fee.

31. Become a vet assistant. A fun job where you deal with various animals and where you are also sure of income.

32. Work in an animal shelter. This usually does not pay that much, but you certainly get a good feeling about it and at least something in income.

33. Walking dog shows with your pet can give a nice income. This can also add up nicely.

34. Taking care of adoption dogs. This is often not paid, but in some cases it is. You receive them before they go to a final family.

35. Find out something. That does not sound easy, of course, but if you have a little imagination, you can, for example, build a nice business with a new dog toy, cat basket, bird food bowl or whatever.

You see, there are plenty of opportunities to make money while you’re doing what you love…. animals!

working with animals
Making Money with Food.

Making Money with Food.

Eat, eat and eat again. I think about it all day. I’m a real foodie.

But no kidding, you can make good money with food.

Do you like eating, cooking and trying out new recipes like me?

Then you might have a good reason to combine food with earning money. In this blog I give you a number of ideas with which you can earn money.

First of all, I mention that nowadays you have to think about many rules before you start a business with food. You are dealing with the HACCP and if you are going to start from your home, your home / workplace must be hygienically arranged.

Many large companies have started from home, so it doesn’t mean if you now work from home that you will always stay small. If you have a good product you can expand faster than you think.

I wrote a free guide for you: How to start a side business?

I will tell you how you can make it easier for yourself to earn extra money.

In this guide:

1.Make time for your side business.

2. Determine what your side business will be.

3. Ways to grow your side business.

4. Listen to your customers.

5. Keep a good balance between work and free time.

6. Tips when you start a side business.

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How can you make money with food?

1. Baking cookies.

If you like to bake and does this a lot, you can bake for others. Do you have a super good recipe then that is your niche. Keep the recipe secret and you have something unique in your hands. You can build a group of customers via the internet, but remember that if you really have a good product, this often goes through word of mouth. If you want to grow really fast, you can ask at the local supermarket if you can demonstrate. Customers can taste and make a purchase. In this way you can eventually deliver to supermarkets. Of course there are more ideas that you can come up with to grow your business.

2. Cakes and cupcakes.

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for homemade cakes or cupcakes. Do you like baking and decorating them? Think of birthdays, parties, anniversaries, weddings and babyshowers. Take photos of your products and use them as advertising for your business. You can go far if, for example, you get the chance to be able to deliver cakes for weddings. Use marketing during wedding shows and fairs.

3. Become a cook.

When you become a chef you quickly think of a restaurant, but you can also become a private chef for a company or family. You can often determine your own input here, which of course makes it even more fun.

4. Food Advisor

Do you know a lot about nutrition and what it does to health? Then you can, for example, advise hospitals on how they can prepare meals for patients with diabetes or heart problems.

5. Catering

Something that you see a lot and that is in high demand is catering. From parties to meetings you can provide them with food. You can deliver, so you don’t necessarily have to have a location. You do need a van or large car to get you started.

6. Sell vegan products.

Vegetarian and vegan food is increasingly on the rise. Only it is still limited available in the supermarket. Do you have a few self-made recipes then you can respond to this.

For example, consider a substitute for cheese. This is not available in the supermarket yet, but you can make it yourself. Not everyone knows how to do it or has no time for it. A good chance that you will be successful with it.

making money with food!

7. Prepare salads and healthy meals.

As you read at the previous point, people always eat differently. This also applies to healthy meals. In the cities you see that the salad bars rise from the ground. In the small towns and villages they are not yet ready. A pity, because there is a real demand and there’s an increasing need for healthy meals. If I don’t feel like cooking, I can choose between a pizzeria, chinese and snack bar. All unhealthy so. And consumers don’t always want that, so there is a chance for many people to set up their own business.

You know: 6 and 7 is a very good combination!!

8. Collect recipes.

Who doesn’t have a booklet, notebook or stack of favorite recipes? Do you have enough to share? Make a nice recipe book or share them via a website or social media channel. For example, if you have many recipes of a certain category, you can devote a whole book to it.

9. A food blog.

If you’re getting happy if you read point 8 then you maybe need to start blogging. Food blogs are very populair so that’s a really good idea. You can write about your favorite recipes and show nice pictures of your meals and bakings.

10. Lunch for companies.

Prepare lunch for large companies. You can build a relatively large local company with this. If there are many companies in your area, this is certainly an opportunity. In densely populated areas is much work and much companies. And where there’s a lot of employment you can earn a lot of money with food.

11. Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

You may not earn much money with it unless you set it up big. But it can perhaps yield something. If you have the space, you can grow and sell more.

12. Photographing food.

Because of the many recipe books, there is more demand for good photographers who want to take pictures of their beautiful dishes. If you enjoy photography, you can specialize in this and certainly build up a good name in this business.

Do you have nice ideas how you can earn money with food then I would love to hear from you. If you already have experience with this, I am very curious to see how much fun your work is and whether you can earn money with it.


Making Money with Food.

Consuming versus Producing

Consuming versus Producing

How much time do you spend on Social Media?

And how much of this time are you actually producing? Consuming versus producing … think carefully about this for a minute.

We are on Social Media infinitely often, but we scroll until we drop.

We suck everything up and we find it hard to stop. Once you go over that timeline, you keep scrolling down.

People are naturally curious and these Social Media platforms make use of this. The more people you have on your platform, the more new messages you want to see. And before you know it you will be half an hour away.

The moment I want to look up something that I have seen with someone who is following, for example, I will sit back and watch for another ten minutes or longer.  One moment I’m producing something and before I know it I’m consuming again.

The moment you want to build an online business then you will have to convert that consumption into production. If you want to get the most out of your business, you will have to take concrete steps when it comes to Social Media.

You just need Social Media for your online business, but you cannot constantly be tempted to start consuming.

The moment you have a good daily schedule and you have planned moments to post your content, then be aware of what you are doing. You post the content and then you immediately continue with your other tasks.

Turn your mobile off (sound off), internet off, email off, television and radio off at scheduled times of the day. This way you ensure that you are not distracted by the incoming reports. The moment a message arrives, you will be sucked towards your mobile and you do not want to look at first, you are still distracted by the message. You only have peace of mind when you have looked. So mobile out!

The disadvantage of these moments is that with your thoughts you are led away from what you were doing and it will take you a few minutes before you are in good concentration again.

Realize that the successful people you follow on Social Media do not consume, but produce!

Take an example of that.


6 Ways you can make money from blogging.

6 Ways you can make money from blogging.

Years ago nobody had heard of a blog and I must say that not everyone knows what a blog is yet. When I say that I blog I still get questioning looks regularly.

What is blogging? However, blogging is more integrated and you see more and more people blogging.

Because it’s fun, but also because you can earn extra money with it. Not many people know that you can really earn money with it. Many people think that you can earn a small amount and there are also people who still have no idea that you can earn a lot of money with it.

During the time that I started blogging, it took a while before I started making money from it. This was because I didn’t know how to make money with it.

Around me I saw more and more successful blogs passing by and also saw that they gave up their jobs to fully engage in blogging. They could make ends meet.

That was my dream after all. That my blog would become my serious business and that I could focus all my attention on my blog.

Who doesn’t want to make money from home?

So I started taking courses to learn more about blogging. I tell you in advance that it’s not always easy, but it’s achievable for everyone. Even if you have a full-time job.

It’s a matter of planning. You don’t have to go fast if you just go ahead and take steps.

I wrote a free guide for you: Blogging for beginners. Get yours here for FREE!

In this guide you will find:

  • The first steps you need to take when you start blogging
  • The Blogpost Checklist
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Here are the 6 ways you can make real money blogging:

1. Advertisements

By putting ads on your blog you can earn money. For this you need a high number of page views and visitors, because it concerns small amounts. Added together it can add up to a nice amount, but it means that you have to keep busy with your blog.

You can have advertisements placed via Google Adsense.

You get paid per click. You can earn a nice extra with this, but do not expect that you can get a whole salary from this. It’s a revenue model and it is important to use multiple revenue models in order to earn well with blogging.

If you earn enough with the other revenue models, I would leave out the ads. Many readers are annoyed by this. Opinions are divided on this.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you write about a product and place a link to it. The moment the customer has bought this product via the link on your blog, you will receive a commission. This business model can save you a lot of money if you handle it well. It’s important that you properly transfer the information to your readers and that they see that you are behind the product. This promotes its sale.

Do not advise many products to your readers. They can see right through it if you only do it for the money.

It’s advisable to use this way of making money. You lose a lot of money if you don’t.

If you get more experience with it, you will see that it’s a good earnings model. There are even bloggers who earn a lot of money with this and who really would not need another revenue model to get a good salary from it.

3. Sponsored Blogs.

A great way to make money is sponsored blogs. You can promote and get paid for a product or company in a blog post. Your blog post will then be placed on your website.

Another way to use this is to collaborate with other bloggers. You can post blog posts together. That way you can both get more visitors and you will get more exposure.

4. Sell products.

By selling your own products you can create a nice income for yourself. You don’t need collaboration and the proceeds are all yours.

You can also offer a lot to your visitors in this way. This way you can help your visitors even more and share a lot of information. Think of an online program.

If you have a niche, you have gold in your hands. You can respond well to this and thus make and sell your own product.

For example, if you blog about food, you can make your own menu plan with schedules and recipes. You can sell these in a bundle.

What to consider when selling your own product:

  • A course
  • E-books
  • Printables
  • Physical products
  • Subscriptions

5. Offer services.

Are you an expert in something and do you have a niche? Then you are in the right place, because then you can help people both online and offline. You can offer your services through your website. This gives you more reach.

Think, for example, of coaching. As a coach, you can help someone in the area where you have knowledge and experience. You can help them achieve their goal.

Some examples:

  • Coaching
  • Web design or website design
  • Virtual Assistant

6. Offer membership – membership subscription

A subscription is ideal to offer to your customers. You can ask for a monthly or annual payment for what you have to offer. Think of more information and printables, for example.

You can also sell photos for bloggers this way. You add new photos every month. This way you can come up with a form of subscription for your expertise.

TIP: Keep Blogging!

As soon as you don’t do much, the number of visitors decreases and you don’t want that. That is one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to blogging. You should keep busy with your blog by blogging regularly or you will lose readers. If they don’t see anything new, they won’t come back. You should see it as a relationship. You have the visitors, but you also have to keep them! And by blogging, the number of visitors grows.  


How do you start a side business?

How do you start a side business?

This blogpost contains a free gift for you!

Do you want extra income through a second job or do you want to get rid of your 9 to 5 job and start earning income in a different way?

Have you always wanted to start your own business?

Would you like to earn extra money?

Would you like a second job?

Or do you just want to earn extra money through an employer?  

It is all possible, as long as you take steps to achieve this.

How do you start a side business?

I will tell you how you can make it easier for yourself to earn extra money.

In this guide:

1.Make time for your side business.

2. Determine what your side business will be.

3. Ways to grow your side business.

4. Listen to your customers.

5. Keep a good balance between work and free time.

6. Tips when you start a side business.

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