How much time do you spend on Social Media?

And how much of this time are you actually producing? Consuming versus producing … think carefully about this for a minute.

We are on Social Media infinitely often, but we scroll until we drop.

We suck everything up and we find it hard to stop. Once you go over that timeline, you keep scrolling down.

People are naturally curious and these Social Media platforms make use of this. The more people you have on your platform, the more new messages you want to see. And before you know it you will be half an hour away.

The moment I want to look up something that I have seen with someone who is following, for example, I will sit back and watch for another ten minutes or longer.  One moment I’m producing something and before I know it I’m consuming again.

The moment you want to build an online business then you will have to convert that consumption into production. If you want to get the most out of your business, you will have to take concrete steps when it comes to Social Media.

You just need Social Media for your online business, but you cannot constantly be tempted to start consuming.

The moment you have a good daily schedule and you have planned moments to post your content, then be aware of what you are doing. You post the content and then you immediately continue with your other tasks.

Turn your mobile off (sound off), internet off, email off, television and radio off at scheduled times of the day. This way you ensure that you are not distracted by the incoming reports. The moment a message arrives, you will be sucked towards your mobile and you do not want to look at first, you are still distracted by the message. You only have peace of mind when you have looked. So mobile out!

The disadvantage of these moments is that with your thoughts you are led away from what you were doing and it will take you a few minutes before you are in good concentration again.

Realize that the successful people you follow on Social Media do not consume, but produce!

Take an example of that.