This blogpost contains a free gift for you!

When I look back at how I have built up my email list, since I consciously focused on it, there are a number of actions that I can recommend to you.

The interesting thing about this story is that they are completely free. This doesn’t mean that I don’t run ads, of course, but I try to achieve this by spending as little money as possible.

These strategies you are going to learn are completely organic and they really work!

This is what you are going to do:

1 A. Start offering high quality free giveaways.

These free giveaways make people more willing to give their email address to you. People don’t just share their personal information with you. Would you just give your name, e-mail address and / or telephone number? You do that faster if you get something in return.

And most people just love free!

Think of something that your potential customers would like to have. And immediately!

Give this away for free in exchange for their personal details.

What can you give away:

  • PDF / Free Report / List
  • Case Study
  • Free guide
  • Discount
  • Videos
  • Books – E-books
  • Free Challenge
  • Free Product
  • Free Consult

These are just a few ideas.

Below you can see one of our free giveaways. Click on the image and you can download it for free.

What to keep in mind when you are making a FREE gift:

  • It must be relevant to your future customers (The demand will result in a higher lead generation)
  • It must be relevant to what you are selling (The relevance will make people buy from you faster)
  • High quality (The higher the quality, the more conversion you get)
  • Make sure you offer the most unique product possible. The online competition is getting higher (Focus on your own, unique product)

Once you have focused on your free offer and it is ready to go to your followers, the next step will follow.

1B. Create multiple FREE offers.

You didn’t really think you’d be done with one giveaway? I will tell you one thing … you are never done!

By having several free giveaways you already distinguish yourself from a large number of providers.

Create multiple giveaways:

Create a PDF… AND an E-book… AND a free Challenge…. AND give away a discount.

The more you can give away, the more you can share with your followers.

You can rotate them so that you have giveaways for a few periods in a row. You can also offer them all at the same time on your website. See what works for you.

I prefer to offer at the same time, because not everyone wants the same thing. One customer might like to read an E-book, but doesn’t want to participate in a Challenge. By offering both of these you get a larger reach and therefore more followers.

Having only one giveaway will certainly make you miss a lot of leads than if you have more giveaways.

2. Show your giveaways everywhere.

A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they don’t offer their giveaways in various places.

You prefer to offer in as many places as possible! You want to ensure that all your future customers come across your free giveaways. If they are on Facebook, they can find your giveaway there. If they are on your website, you want them to find your giveaway there. If they are on Pinterest they should find your giveaway.

This way I can of course continue for a while, but make sure you place your giveaways everywhere.

In the blogpost: Free places where you can promote your business. you can probably get ideas where you can offer your free giveaway.

3. Segment your offer.

This is a great tip for you. You are going to split up your giveaways. Here I share a strategy with you which has worked for us.

The idea behind this is to get the right giveaways to the right audience. We now have multiple giveaways(on the Dutch website, soon on this one too 😉  and multiple products. We sell programs and courses.

If someone reads an article about Pinterest, he or she is interested in information about Pinterest and Social Media strategies.

If anyone wants to know more about SEO, they will be helped with an E-book about SEO/keywords.

And here comes the splitting into the picture.

For example, if you look at this blog post about Pinterest, you will see that the giveaway about the 5 Day Social Media Challenge has been added.

This is related to the topic in the blog post. So make sure you portray the right giveaway in the right place.

If we had placed a giveaway on SEO here, we would have had less conversion from it.

This way you split the right content directly to the right audience.  

To get more conversions you will have to match your giveaways with your content and your audience.

4.Regulators without registration.

What we also do is create giveaways without registration. If you have a giveaway that is simple to make and useful for every visitor, you can also choose to give it away without having to register. Your audience greatly appreciates this.

Nowadays you almost have to register for everything. By giving something away that they don’t have to register for, you distinguish yourself from the rest and attract visitors to your website. They will think less if they have to register for another giveaway of yours. This way you offer extra value to your audience.

A giveaway that we gave away without registration was, among other things, the calendar for 2020. This can be downloaded immediately in the blog post that was posted on the (Dutch)website.

Send this link of the message to your followers who are already on your mailing list. Never forget your loyal followers!

These are the 4 tips we apply to get more free leads.

And they are simple, right?

They are simple and they work! And they work for you !!