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What many entrepreneurs do not yet use for their online business is Pinterest. I can tell you that it is very wise to start using Pinterest right away. Right now! What many people don’t know is that you can greatly increase the number of visitors on your blog by getting started with Pinterest. You will notice results within a few months.

Want to grow your blog? Then start with Pinterest!

If you don’t know much about Pinterest yet, this blog entry is handy for you, because I will explain some basic tips here so that you can start using Pinterest. Pinterest is going to be very valuable for your blog / company from now on.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is the promotion of your product and / or service on Pinterest. You do this by pinning content from your website to Pinterest. This means that you create images with your blog posts and pin them to Pinterest from the relevant page. When people click on your pin, they are immediately redirected to the page where the image comes from. You can also create separate Pinterest images (I’ll get back to this in a moment) and then add the URL to the message.

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Why Pinterest?

Many people think that Pinterest is only a platform where you can search for nice images and then save them on your own boards, but Pinterest is so much more. You can see Pinterest as a search engine. People search Pinterest for information and examples. They search for recipes, creative ideas, the wedding dress of their dreams or where they want to go on vacation.

The moment you post an image on Pinterest and people search for the subject of your message, they come up with your image. It is actually a sort of advertisement, but then free.

The moment you start to delve into how you can best use these images for your blog, webshop or other company, you can really reach a huge number of people.

We call that the power of Pinterest.

So I’m still surprised when I hear entrepreneurs around me saying they don’t use Pinterest. They miss an opportunity to grow.

I hope you are convinced and also want to start using Pinterest right away. Here are the basic tips that ensure that you immediately get off to a good start for your starting business.

Step 1. Create a business account.

The difference between a personal and a business account is that with a business account you have a number of options that do not have a personal account. These extra options are valuable to you. For example, you can gain insight into the statistics of your account. You can see how many visitors your account has, which pins are best visited and which are saved by your visitors, you can add your website and see how many people went to your website via Pinterest (you can also see this in Google analytics ).

Link your website.

Once you have created your business account you will verify your website. That way you get access to Pinterest statistics that relate to your website. It is also proof that this website belongs to you and not that someone else can just add your website. You can add your website to the settings, which you can find at the top right on the website of Pinterest. Here you place the URL of your website. You must then add the meta tag to your website. You can use the Yoast SEO plugin for this. Under the Social heading is Pinterest and there you can paste the code. Save the code and click on the Pinterest website on finish.


We are going to give your Pinterest account a face, your face. A clear name, photo and an intro. In the intro you tell who you are and what you have to offer.

Make boards

Make boards with the topics that touch your product or service. To reach your target group, it is important that your signs match your product or service. They must match your blog, webshop or website. Put the most popular signs at the top, these are the first to be seen when someone comes to your page.

Step 2. Pins

The pins have a certain size. The images are vertical and it’s important that you work with these dimensions. The moment you start using horizontal images with a different size, they will appear small and then Pinterest visitors will look over them. The responses will then not be forthcoming. The dimensions of a Pinterest image are: 735 px x 1102 px.

Be consistent.

The moment you make a different image each time with different colors, different font and a different appearance, it becomes a mess. The moment you start working with the same templates and let the same fonts and colors come back, people will recognize your images. This will ultimately receive more response. Take care of this recognition.

Put text in the images.

To attract the attention of the visitors it’s important that there is an attractive text on the pin. A catchy text that makes people curious and look further. Make sure you have clear fonts so that they are easy to read. Do not make the text too long.

Step 3. Start with pins.

Now everything is ready and you can start with pins. It is important to become very active on Pinterest. The more active you are, the more Pinterest will reward you by recommending you to visitors. Schedule your moment to pin and daily. You prefer to do it a number of times a day as there are a number of peak moments on Pinterest.

If it becomes difficult for you to pin a number of times, then start with once a day or use programs where you can schedule your pins. For example, think of Tailwind. I will return to this extensively in another blog post (then I will also add the link here)

Secret board.

For items that you want to keep for yourself and not for your visitors, you can use a secret board. You can select this when you create a new board. You can also add your personal pins here, so that you can quickly find them again when you want to use them again for a new pin.

Good luck with pinning!