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Is email marketing the most profitable automation for small and starting businesses?

Today, marketing plays an important role when it comes to competition and building a business. Digital marketing has started a catch-up race in recent years and has significantly outpaced offline marketing practices. Of all the marketing techniques currently used, email marketing is a huge lead. Although it’s already a relatively old marketing strategy, it is the strongest that you can use for your business. Certainly because nowadays it’s completely automated and the possibilities are result-oriented and time-saving.

email marketing for beginners

Email marketing is an efficient way to bring all your customers together and to make them familiar with your product or service. The automated process ensures that you can come to the attention of your customers at many times. And that while you don’t have to do anything for that at that moment.

It’s not for nothing that many online entrepreneurs focus on this, but you also see more and more courses on e-mail marketing.

In this post, I list some points that prove that email marketing is the most profitable marketing tool for companies that want to build their clientele. Certainly interesting for small and starting companies.

1. Growth of range

By using automated e-mail marketing, a company can increase its reach considerably. This is especially important for starting entrepreneurs, because the focus in the initial phase is to ensure that customers know what you have to offer for a product or service. Because the entire process is automated, you can send messages to customers at different times. You are going to attract a wide audience that becomes aware of what you have to offer.

2. Personalized messages

The advantage of email marketing is that you are more personal. You can direct messages to specific people so that they feel personally addressed. After all, you are talking to them. In a message on social media this is not aimed at a specific person, so people will scroll past it faster. An e-mail is read faster because the person has registered on a list where the interest is for that person.

3. Target your customers

The biggest problem with the social media platforms is that you have a greater reach. That sounds good at first, because you want to reach a lot of people, but you want to pick out the people who are interested in your product or service. So it’s ideal to rake in followers and then get them to your email lists. Once they are on a list, these future customers are closer and easier to reach than via the social media channels. The potential customers are more on your e-mail list than on social media. So the moment you start offering something, email marketing is the right approach. Apart from that, you have no control over the frequency of your reach on social media. In the case of email marketing you have this in your hands and your information is delivered directly to your client’s mailbox.

4. Share your customers among your target groups.

With the use of email lists you can split your customer base. In this way you can make the interest of your customers more specific. For example, if you sell breads and you have customers who like white bread and customers who like brown bread, you can make two lists for this. The moment you have the white bread on offer then you only have to send an email to the people on the list for the white bread. This way you prevent people from getting too much unnecessary information and getting the right information to the right customers. Very smart for long-term marketing.

5. That way you stay in touch with your customers.

By staying in touch via e-mails your customers get the feeling that you don’t forget them and really care about them. As soon as you launch new products or services, you will be the first to inform your regular customers. Chances are that they will buy your product earlier. In this way you convert visitors into potential customers.

6. Increase the visibility of your company.

Most people go through their emails daily. Even though your follower will not always open your e-mails, he or she will see him pass by. A glance, a title or subject always comes into view. This always lingers, your brain picks it up automatically. The moment they need something that you offer, you will be the first to come to them and you have increased the visibility of your company by regularly mailing to your customers. Your brand is recognized and they feel connected to you. eventually a percentage of your potential customers on the e-mail lists will make a purchase from you.

7. The costs are not that high.

Compared to other marketing techniques and strategies, email marketing costs relatively not much. Apart from that, you save a lot of time because it is an automated program. You only have the costs that you pay for the software you need and these are relatively low costs for your company when it comes to marketing.


Automated email marketing campaigns are a huge asset to your company. As an entrepreneur, you cannot ignore this opportunity to promote your product or service. It gives you a head start on entrepreneurs who do not apply this strategy. So yes email marketing is the most profitable automation for small businesses!

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The 3 most important reasons why your mailing list should always be a priority in your marketing plan.

1. You own your mailing list. You cannot control Social Media. With your mailing list you have it completely in your own hands. If tomorrow all Social media channels would stop, who do you still have as a follower?

2. You do not determine what is shown on Social Media with your followers. Social Media does not guarantee that whatever you post will also see your followers. Because of the algorithm you have absolutely no influence on this. Apart from that, you do not know whether your followers are online the moment your content appears on Social Media. They may not be watching at the same time that you post and they are never on the same times every day on Social Media.

3. Email = building a relationship. The most valuable thing about a mailing list is that you can build a trusted relationship with your followers.