This blogpost contains a free gift for you!

When it comes to promoting your business, it sometimes seems as if you can only start advertising by depositing money. Yet it can be different. Certainly if you have a small budget, which is the case with many starting entrepreneurs. There are various options for you to promote your business. And all for free. And thanks to social media.

free places where you can promote your business

We often build our entire company with the help of social media and it is really a valuable way to keep doing that. Every day social media offers new possibilities for us. The best thing you can do when new options are available is to think carefully about what these options can offer you and how you can use them as an entrepreneur. So are you ready to promote your company?

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5 day social media challenge

Here are the 32 places where you can promote your business for free.

1. Facebook Page

2. Facebook Groups

3. Facebook Live

4. Facebook Stories

5. Facebook Page Stories

6. Facebook Messenger Stories

7. Facebook Messenger Bots

8. Facebook Watch Parties

9. Facebook Events

10. Pinterest

11. Pinterest Communities

12. Pinterest Tribes

13. Pinterest Group Signs

14. Instagram Posts

15. Instagram Stories

16. Instagram Live

17. Twitter

18. Twitter Group Chats

19. You Tube

20. YouTube Live

21. Snap Chat

22. Email Marketing

23. Affiliate Marketing

24. Host a Webinar

25. Be a guest at a Webinar

26. Blogging

27. Guest Blogging

28. LinkedIn Posts

29. LinkedIn Messages

30. LinkedIn Groups

31. Host a Podcast

32. Be a guest on a Podcast

Keep this list in a safe place, save it if necessary and get started with a number of things.

See what suits you and your company and apply this.

Take advantage of these options and experience where your target group is.

Good luck!