For all the starting bloggers who want a professional look from the start.

If you want to look like a professional blogger, that doesn’t mean you have to show yourself differently than who you are. You are not going to lie or bluff. Instead, I’m going to give you tips that will help you make your blog look better faster and look like an expert from the start, so you can start earning money by spreading your passion.

By fast, I do not mean that you will earn so much money within a year that you can quit your job. Of course there are exceptional cases where this is possible, but in general bloggers really have to be very patient.

The bottom line is that the more you do, the more results you will achieve. Logical of course, so stay consistent, work hard and persevere. Then your business will really grow. I also didn’t tell you it was going to be easy.

I know your end goal is to make money blogging and see a career ahead of you, so it’s important that your blog looks professional. A blog that looks like a hobby is not going to make you any money.

I have for you the most useful tips which make you a professional blogger.

1. Professional Platform

Choose a professional platform. It may be nice to start with a free platform in the beginning, but you are not going to make money with this. It doesn’t seem professional, so your visitors don’t take you seriously either. Not serious enough to buy anything.

With a free platform, you don’t have your own domain name either. Your own domain name is what you want to be found on the internet, so very important. There may be some people who are successful with a free website, but very few. If you really want to do business seriously, you will have to invest in this.

On the free platforms, you also have rules to follow, so it remains the property of the platform you work with. It will never become your own.

The possibilities you have on a website of your own are also a reason to take a paid website (own theme and plugins)

2. Start with Pinterest right away.

Don’t wait to create an account on Pinterest. Pinterest is the social media platform for bloggers par excellence. Professional bloggers are on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual marketing platform where you end up on your website via a link on your image. It’s free, but now you can also start working with ads on Pinterest. Pinterest doesn’t lag behind either, of course, so this was just around the corner.

Over 60% of my visitors enter via Pinterest and Facebook. Unfortunately, Pinterest is often forgotten by online entrepreneurs, but it’s one of the most valuable platforms for bloggers. Tailwind allows you to schedule messages in advance, so you get even more results in less time you have to spend on them.

3. Brand look!

Give your website a brand look! If you want to make a professional impression, you will have to make sure that the first impression on your website is a good one. After all, you only make a first impression once. You have to see your website as your own brand!

1. Choose a theme that is attractive and easy to use for a blog.

2. Make images for Social Media in the same look as you use for your website. Use the same style and colors.

3. Use good quality photos. You can use both free and paid photos if you are not going to take them yourself. A disadvantage of the free photos is that you see them appear everywhere, so sometimes it is useful to use your own photos or paid photos. Especially if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

4. Start building a mailing list.

I can’t say it often enough. Start building your mailing list right away. You can still post so much on Social Media, but nothing more personal than sending an email to your loyal followers. The connection is many times greater and once someone is on your mailing list you can reach them better if you have something new to report.

So really connect with your followers. I recommend Active Campaign myself. There are many ways to do this. You can send some emails, create lists, create automations and create opt-in forms. You have everything you need to start your mailing list. Always make sure you have an opt-in on your website that allows people to sign up and get something for free from you. This is the start of a mailing list. Make sure that this free offer matches your offer that can be purchased later.

5. Be consistent

Especially in the beginning it’s very important to be consistent. With everything you do for your website, this is a thing you should always keep in mind. Even though it doesn’t go very fast at first and you think you are doing it for free. This is not the case, it will pay off in the long term. Many bloggers drop out after a while. They are busy for a while and see little to no results. It goes wrong with many bloggers. They think that it will not work and that they will not reach anyone.

Let me tell you one thing. Blogging is long-term. Have a very long breath. You just need a lot of time before you start seeing results. Do not give up and go on. A break is not a problem, but pick it up quickly. Your audience does not know where you have gone and soon start to lose confidence in you. And that’s a shame, because you were so well on your way. So even if you think that hardly anyone is waiting for you. That’s not true, believe that. And it doesn’t matter whether it is ten, a hundred or a thousand visitors who visit your website. Even if you are important to only a few readers, that is reason to continue. The rest will follow automatically. And when you are talking about professional appearance, you also understand that if you do not appear on the scene that does not come across as professional. Build confidence, share the most valuable information and be consistent!

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