Let’s talk about how you can feel richer than you really are. Only experiencing the feeling of being rich is already great.

It’s an exercise with a great feeling I can tell you from experience and it really has a positive effect on several things.

It’s really important to experience the feeling, because you are often richer than you think.

You may find yourself in a situation where you no longer know how to make ends meet, but by giving some things a positive twist you will naturally feel better.

You are also going to manifest positive things around you. That’s how it really works! In fact, you can ensure that you attract fewer bills and that your situation doesn’t gets worse.

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So let’s talk about feeling rich when in fact you’re not.

Make a list.

We often feel that we’re poor, that we’re in a bad financial position, while the situation may not be so bad at all. At a given moment we only see the lesser things in our lives. I can talk about it, I was very negative about my finances and my life. And you know, if you keep thinking that way, the situation will stay that way.

So it’s time to change that. Of course I’m not going to romanticize it all, but you can do something to make yourself feel better.

You’re going to make a list of all the things in your life that make you feel good. Maybe you can already write things down that will give you a rich feeling. Call it your rich list.

For example: You have a roof over your head, a nice relationship and you are healthy. These are of course things that will make you happy.

Beyond these things, take a good look at what makes you happy that you already have in your life. Also think of small things. This list will immediately give you a good feeling and maybe this list will remind you that you may not be so bad and that the problems may not be as great as they sometimes seem.

Change your mind.

How you feel or think about something can have an effect on its consequences. As long as you think you are poor and you only get bills, then the bills keep coming in.

Do you notice that when you are desperate and want more customers for your company, they will stay away? If you concentrate on more abundance and you feel good about your company, the customers will come naturally. You have faith in it and your customers feel it.

So turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts and experience that this will have a positive effect on your personal finances, your company, but certainly on your own life.

Take action.

Now that you’ve turned your mind around, it’s time for action.

Start with yourself first. What makes you happy? What gives you a rich feeling?

Start with small things, such as drying yourself with a large towel instead of a small one. Grab that jar of hair mask that you still have somewhere and then rub in with delicious body lotion and get that parfum that you would otherwise only take on special occasions. Put on your best clothes. You do not only have to wear this if you have a party. You don’t have to have a party to spoil yourself.

Take your nicest plates and cups from the cupboard and set the table neatly and cook something special. It may sound strange, but it really has a positive effect on your feeling. You really feel rich for a while.

In any case, do something that suits you and gives you a rich feeling. It really helps to give you that feeling and it has a positive effect if you do this regularly.

Do something different every time. And you know, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Also make a list of things you can do in your company that will allow you to earn money in the short term. Schedule this and take action. Call a number of potential customers that you expect to make a purchase from you. If you still receive money from customers, go here now.

In any case, do something that will earn you money. It doesn’t have to be a big promotion.

You understand that for all this the first step is the most important and that is to convert your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. You achieve so much with this. If you have negative thoughts and you do not believe in your product or service, you will not sell it either. Customers feel that and are not convinced if you are not positive.

Also realize that people often continue to do the same things as they get richer. Suppose you say that you are going to buy a bunch of flowers every week if you are richer. Try to do that for yourself now. Often things that people push forward, because they only allow themselves to be richer, are not really big, expensive things at all. Try to think about that and see what you can give yourself now, which does not cost you so much, but makes you happy.

What will you do to make yourself feel richer? How will you ensure that you feel less poor?  

Have a great day!

Good luck!