Eat, eat and eat again. I think about it all day. I’m a real foodie.

But no kidding, you can make good money with food.

Do you like eating, cooking and trying out new recipes like me?

Then you might have a good reason to combine food with earning money. In this blog I give you a number of ideas with which you can earn money.

First of all, I mention that nowadays you have to think about many rules before you start a business with food. You are dealing with the HACCP and if you are going to start from your home, your home / workplace must be hygienically arranged.

Many large companies have started from home, so it doesn’t mean if you now work from home that you will always stay small. If you have a good product you can expand faster than you think.

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In this guide:

1.Make time for your side business.

2. Determine what your side business will be.

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4. Listen to your customers.

5. Keep a good balance between work and free time.

6. Tips when you start a side business.

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How can you make money with food?

1. Baking cookies.

If you like to bake and does this a lot, you can bake for others. Do you have a super good recipe then that is your niche. Keep the recipe secret and you have something unique in your hands. You can build a group of customers via the internet, but remember that if you really have a good product, this often goes through word of mouth. If you want to grow really fast, you can ask at the local supermarket if you can demonstrate. Customers can taste and make a purchase. In this way you can eventually deliver to supermarkets. Of course there are more ideas that you can come up with to grow your business.

2. Cakes and cupcakes.

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for homemade cakes or cupcakes. Do you like baking and decorating them? Think of birthdays, parties, anniversaries, weddings and babyshowers. Take photos of your products and use them as advertising for your business. You can go far if, for example, you get the chance to be able to deliver cakes for weddings. Use marketing during wedding shows and fairs.

3. Become a cook.

When you become a chef you quickly think of a restaurant, but you can also become a private chef for a company or family. You can often determine your own input here, which of course makes it even more fun.

4. Food Advisor

Do you know a lot about nutrition and what it does to health? Then you can, for example, advise hospitals on how they can prepare meals for patients with diabetes or heart problems.

5. Catering

Something that you see a lot and that is in high demand is catering. From parties to meetings you can provide them with food. You can deliver, so you don’t necessarily have to have a location. You do need a van or large car to get you started.

6. Sell vegan products.

Vegetarian and vegan food is increasingly on the rise. Only it is still limited available in the supermarket. Do you have a few self-made recipes then you can respond to this.

For example, consider a substitute for cheese. This is not available in the supermarket yet, but you can make it yourself. Not everyone knows how to do it or has no time for it. A good chance that you will be successful with it.

making money with food!

7. Prepare salads and healthy meals.

As you read at the previous point, people always eat differently. This also applies to healthy meals. In the cities you see that the salad bars rise from the ground. In the small towns and villages they are not yet ready. A pity, because there is a real demand and there’s an increasing need for healthy meals. If I don’t feel like cooking, I can choose between a pizzeria, chinese and snack bar. All unhealthy so. And consumers don’t always want that, so there is a chance for many people to set up their own business.

You know: 6 and 7 is a very good combination!!

8. Collect recipes.

Who doesn’t have a booklet, notebook or stack of favorite recipes? Do you have enough to share? Make a nice recipe book or share them via a website or social media channel. For example, if you have many recipes of a certain category, you can devote a whole book to it.

9. A food blog.

If you’re getting happy if you read point 8 then you maybe need to start blogging. Food blogs are very populair so that’s a really good idea. You can write about your favorite recipes and show nice pictures of your meals and bakings.

10. Lunch for companies.

Prepare lunch for large companies. You can build a relatively large local company with this. If there are many companies in your area, this is certainly an opportunity. In densely populated areas is much work and much companies. And where there’s a lot of employment you can earn a lot of money with food.

11. Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

You may not earn much money with it unless you set it up big. But it can perhaps yield something. If you have the space, you can grow and sell more.

12. Photographing food.

Because of the many recipe books, there is more demand for good photographers who want to take pictures of their beautiful dishes. If you enjoy photography, you can specialize in this and certainly build up a good name in this business.

Do you have nice ideas how you can earn money with food then I would love to hear from you. If you already have experience with this, I am very curious to see how much fun your work is and whether you can earn money with it.


Making Money with Food.