Today I’m going to talk to you about the pin images for Pinterest.

Without knowing it or noticing it yourself, you may make these mistakes when making a Pin image.

I’m going to give you some tips, so that you don’t make these mistakes again. You will make better pins and therefore generate more clicks.

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Social Media Marketing Tips.

Pinterest Tips.

Of course you want to get as many visitors to your website as possible and so you go pinning a lot on Pinterest.

But what ultimately ensures that people actually come to take a look at your website?

I always say:

You can only make a first impression once!

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That people will click on your images is really a result of what your pin images looks like.

Pinterest SEO is very important, but your pin is what ultimately causes people to click on your image and thus determine how much traffic goes to your website.

The right Pinterest SEO ensures that your pin image will be shown to the right people. It comes into view with all other images of your competitors when they search for what you have to offer. Then your image will make them click on you. Your image must therefore stand out and that is why it’s important that you make a good looking design.

Let’s look at the design flaws. Mistakes may not sound fun, but you should think of them as mistakes that you are unaware of and don’t think about when you create an image.

Tip 1. Boring titles

If you want people to click on your image, make sure your titles are catchy and interesting.

For example, put a number in the title. This can be about a number of tips or better still an amount (4 tips with which you…. Or earn € 1000 per month extra)

You can also make it an interrogative title. If people walk around with that question, you have a good chance that they want to know your answer.

Make your title interesting by adding certain power words. Think for example of: Secrets…, the best…., The most beautiful…., Shocking…. etc. Prevent yourself from exaggerating and appearing implausible.

Try not to make the title too long (I always find this very difficult). As short and clear as possible. Make it clear in a short title what your pin is about and what they get when they click on it.

Tip 2. Not enough contrast

The second mistake that you are not always aware of is the contrast between the (background) image and the text on your pin.

Make sure you choose a clear color for your text, so that the text does not disappear and/or is difficult to see. Also, keep in mind that many followers view Pinterest via their mobile. If they scroll quickly and your text is not noticeable then they scroll quickly further.

What you also have to take into account is that you ensure that the photo of the background is not too busy. This makes it difficult to place a text that is visible. If you still want to use that one busy photo, place an overlay over it or reduce the strength of the transparency (both are possible if you create your images in Canva).

Tip 3. Give all words the same dimensions.

If you give the entire text the same font and size, your text will not stand out. Split your title into pieces and make important words stand out by giving them a different font, color and size.

The biggest word falls into the viewer’s eye and will be noticed first. So make sure the word that stands out tells what your pin is about and best describes your content.

Tip 4. Small text

The last thing I want to discuss with you is that many people are often too afraid to put too big text on a pin image.

Believe me, it’s too small rather than too big! Don’t be afraid to stand out because that’s exactly what you want to achieve on Pinterest. That your pin stands out among the others.

Feel free to try to make an image where you spread the text all over the image.

Here too I would like to make the comment that if someone looks at his or her mobile (with a small screen) the pin image is much more noticeable if the text is large.

Feel free to use the bold fonts. The thick letters and in a large size, your image can not be broken.