Blogging and Affiliates go hand in hand. For a blogger it is a missed opportunity if you don’t add affiliate marketing.

Reason for me to blog about this too. Bloggers often start with affiliate links only when they have more visitors. It also doesn’t seem logical to place affiliates immediately when you start blogging. Still, it does make sense and in this blog I tell you is why.

Sell  with affiliate links if you have a few visitors.

You can immediately show your visitors which products and / or services you stand for. Maybe they do not go directly to purchase, but eventually it is important that the recognition is there.

The moment someone is about to buy a product or service they think immediately of the fact that they have seen this on your website. Chances are they will come back to you.

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the favorite ways to make money from blogging. Many experienced bloggers will agree. The best thing about affiliate links is that it doesn’t matter how many visitors and followers you have. You can always make money with this. If you use the right strategy for it to work!

I have a few tips for you that can help you to be successful with affiliate marketing and start making money.

1. Promote the right products

Let’s talk about the products you’re going to promote first. The moment you start looking for products that you want to promote, you should first think of your followers.

Think about your followers’ problems related to your niche. What do they struggle with? What product does they find a solution to their problem?

People don’t just buy a product they come across on a blog / website. They want solutions to their problems and if they see that the product you are promoting offers a solution to them, they will be more likely to purchase.

2. Promote one product per blog post.

If your blog gets thousands of page views and you already have a large list of followers, you quickly have a chance that someone clicks on and buys a promoted product. You don’t have to do much about it. The moment you have just started blogging or you do not have many followers, there is still work to be done.

The strategy of only placing an affiliate link does not apply. You will have more success if you devote a blog post to this product. Therefore, it’s better to put only that one affiliate link in that message. You can provide good reviews and tutorials. These are effective to achieve good sales results. You make a blog post about the problem, your followers will recognize it and their attention has been caught. Then you write in that message about the solution. Tell about the product and explain what this product solves. If you have your own good experience with any evidence, you can also add it. That works very positively and you can convince your followers.

If you follow this process and your followers find your blog post valuable and they trust you enough, they will start selling.

3. Promote a product with a high commission

Look for promoted products that have a high commission. If you are just starting, you will have less traffic to your website and you will make even less sales. Focus on products that have a high commission. Of course you have to keep an eye on your target group. You don’t want a product that you get more commission on, but your followers have nothing with this product. So look for products that solve a problem for your target group, that are within their budget and about which you get a high commission.

For example, if you have a product for which you get € 2, you will find 50 people to buy it if you want to keep € 100. If you promote a product with which you get € 20 per sale, you only have to sell 5 to get the same € 100. See what is easier, sell something to 5 people or 50? Buying 50 sales is not easy if you are just starting out or don’t have a large following. That is the reason to focus on products that yield more per sale.  

I hope these tips help you and you are convinced to start with affiliate marketing right away.

Good luck!!