Step up your game

I often see mastermind groups formed from like-minded people. You think you can learn from that. That is the main reason. You want to be surrounded by like minded people right?

However, there is also a pitfall. That there are all people in it, who are all on the same level as you. That safe! That’s a good feeling. No fear of saying something stupid or afraid that you don’t follow them in their stories.  You will not be learning! I can tell you that.

If you really want to go further, find a group of people who not only encourage you to continue. But people who are also further than you. Who really see things in you but also in the business opportunities that you don’t yet see for yourself.

You need people who lift you up and say what it is really about.

Because sticking in a social club or with people who call all the time I understand you very well. You will not learn much from that. You also need that kick in the ass.

People who hold up your mirrors. And who also dare to say painful things. They say ok you have that fear, I get it, but now it’s time to step over it.

About hanging around with people I always use the 33% rule.

It’s very simple :

33% people your can learn things

33% people who are like minded

33% people where you can learn from

If you take this as an average for your surroundings you will be in a good balance.

This is the main reason why it sometimes is hard to put a good mastermind together. Always remember what the reason is for the mastermind and get that very clear to your attendees.