Is your fun summer an attack on your budget?

Are the costs for the holiday too high?

Have the days turned out higher than you wanted?

Are you shocked by the fuel costs that are also added?

Throughout the year you save for various goals that come back every year and therefore also for the holidays.

This already covers some of these costs if you stick to your budget.

Summer savings: 6 Tips to keep your budget running out this summer.

Especially in the summer it is important that you stick to your own budget plan and do not exceed it.

Especially in this it is good to keep your finances under control. While the summer vacation is a perfect time to go on vacation, you will still have to wonder whether this summer vacation is not too much on your budget.

It is therefore important to express your sense of responsibility. But don’t panic right now. There are really some options to ensure that you save enough for the summer holidays and that you can still have a holiday without any worries.

I get it, you look forward to summer all year round and then suddenly you can’t do much because of the money. Always the money that keeps you back. But since you have your own budget plan no more.

You are already looking forward to it. The cozy barbeques, to the pool or the beach and preferably also on vacation. You don’t want to miss it, but you’re also worried about the money. Logical, because it all costs enough. You don’t want to say no to everything and also join in the fun with friends and family.

Now I would like to tell you that you can do anything. Great with friends to the beach, with your kids on vacation, that family barbeque and so on, but I also want to stay realistic. And you should be too. Especially when it comes to your budget. If you don’t have the budget for all these things that are planned, you will have to cut costs or cancel.

You can certainly have a nice summer if you make sure you can lower the costs. How do you wonder now? I’m going to tell you that. You can keep doing fun things without spending money you don’t have.

First, you are going to split things up. You make a list of things you want and a list of things that are needed. The wants and the needs. Of course you want to go to Disneyland with your family or you want to go on holiday, but you don’t really need it. If you are unsure whether something is needed or if you can do it without it, just ask me. I give you the right answer, but if you like it I cannot guarantee you (probably not).

The fun news is that summer is a perfect time to save. You don’t have to spend that much at all. You do not need heavy meals, you can go shopping on foot or by bike when the weather is nice (saves fuel) and there are more outdoor activities that are free.

So bring on those summer savings.

Before you start saving this summer.

First check with yourself whether you have good insight into your finances.

Do you have a budget?

How’s your budget going?

Are you happy with your budget every month?

It’s important to have this in order otherwise you cannot take the following steps. I may keep hitting it too much, but a budget for yourself is the basis for everything. You must have your budget under control or you cannot take steps. Your budget is your support and if you have this in order then you can focus on the next steps and goals.

Start at home with the summer savings.

1. Embrace the summer meals.

Like I said, many people eat light meals in summer. The stews are behind us and we really don’t need a heavy meal now. Take advantage of this.

However, in the hot summer we often do not feel like cooking and before you know it you end up in a restaurant or at the takeaway. Prevent this by planning simple meals in advance.

Keep it simple and make sure you give in as little as possible. By choosing simple meals you do not have to stand in the kitchen for so long and you are ready for a good meal.

2. Take small steps to save at home.

In the winter it makes sense to save on the thermostat. You can switch it off earlier in the evening or put it a little lower and put on an extra vest and socks.

In the summer you can also save at home. Open windows and doors together, especially at night to air out the house and lower the temperature. A fan is of course nice, but also eats a lot of power. This prevents it from running all day. In addition, the device itself also heats up around the fan.

Just before the summer, defrost the freezer again. In the summer we make more use of the freezer, because we eat ice cream, ice cubes and easy frozen meals. Make sure there is not much ice in the freezer, this saves energy costs.

We often use less light in the summer, so that saving is not so difficult for us. Still a nice bonus.

3. Stop subscription cable and Netflix 

In the summer we watch much less television. After all, there is much more to do outside. Stop the subscriptions you have and see what you save in these months. Of course it is true that if you come back inside after the summer that you want to watch more and that you have to pay connection costs. But calculate what you ultimately save if you do not have the subscription costs for a few months and then pay the connection costs when you re-apply for the subscription. It’s much cheaper if you stop it for a while. You can of course also only stop Netflix for example and that you still keep the cable. You don’t have to have everything shut down right away, but if you already do one, you already have your advantage.

4. Continue sports subscription.

Are you often in the gym in the summer? Most people don’t, but they do pay for it. Subsequently, take a six-month subscription in the winter and stop in the summer.

In the summer you can run, walk, swim and many activities are organized in which you can participate.

5. Sell stuff

In the summer it is easiest to sell your belongings. There are many flea markets and street fairs where you can get rid of your belongings.

In summer, people go to a flea market faster than in winter. Get started and earn an extra cent for the summer.

6. Schedule dates (for yourself and the children)

Take advantage of summer and meet friends. Organize a barbecue together and all bring something. This way you keep the costs low for everyone and you can have fun with friends. Take care of each other’s children so you can all schedule time for yourself.

Help each other, this saves babysitting costs. This is certainly a good way for single moms to schedule time for themselves. Mothers help each other in this way and it prevents you from becoming socially isolated.

Also ideal in the summer is of course the children’s playground, free of charge and you meet other parents.