The Blog Academy

Start blogging and doing business online!

And build your own profitable business!

You want to blog, are a beginning blogger or have been blogging for a while.

You have a passion and want to help others with this.

You don’t want to try everything for too long, but you want to start blasting with your business.

♦ You want online success

♦ You want more focus

♦ You want to reach more people

♦ You want to generate more income

♦ You want a nice, functional website with which you can reach more people.

♦ You want to know everything about blogging and online business

It’s time for less stress when you’re blogging.

The Blog Academy will accelerate the success in your business.

This program contains all the information you need to blog successfully.

This program is simple and is tailored to all experience levels.

You don’t need anything more than just this course.

This program is the best way to get started with blogging and online business. It quickly leads you to success and results.

This is what you are gonna get:


The complete course of the Blog Academy 

The first steps you need to take to get started with blogging (Hosting, WordPress, Themes, Plugins)

Your ideal customer – Targeting


Making giveaways

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Blogging Binder Basic

Get the Blog Academy program for just


If you want to learn step by step how to use your blog to get more customers, generate more traffic and grow your business, this is the program for you!

Your time is too valuable to waste!

Don’t waste your time figuring all this out for yourself. This is the quick way to show you what works online!

Use the worksheets, manuals, instructions and plenty of crystal clear examples to show you exactly what works online and how you can use it for your business.

You also get this BONUS: Social Media Kickstart.

If you want to learn step by step how to use Social Media to get more customers, generate more traffic and grow your business, this is the program for you!

And I’m going to show you the exact steps and strategies I’ve used so you know …

How to create an enthusiastic community of fans and customers


How to create quality content that people want to share.

How to minimize your time and maximize your results.

How to get more traffic to your company.

How to turn followers into paying customers.

In the Social Media Kickstart there are 5 lessons you will learn the following:


Lesson 1. Social branding and brand resources – Social Media Brand promotions

Why it is important to create a strong brand that everyone recognizes.

BONUS 1: Brand Image List

Lesson 2. Targeting – Your ideal customer

What do you focus on. How do you determine that and how do you figure this out.

Lesson 3. Social Media Strategy

A complete Social Media Strategy in which you set out your goals, manage promotions and all steps are explained.

BONUS 2: Daily Social Media Strategy.

Lesson 4. Content that sells.

A complete content strategy on what to post.

BONUS 3: 4 Weeks content calendar.

Lesson 5. Social Media statistics and analysis

Find out what works and what doesn’t. View your results and bet on the right strategy.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone who wants to learn more about blogging. It’s for beginners, but also for the experienced bloggers. You learn blogging from step 1 to everything you need to know to make a successful blog.

I have never blogged before. Is this course right for me?

Of course this course is for you. It’s a journey and you will enjoy it. Everyone can blog and I will teach you how.

How much time does the course take?

You can spend as much time as you want on this course. Do it in your own pace.

How long can I be in this course?

You have a life-time access to the course and the community.

Get the Blog Academy program for just

$ 97

After your purchase you will receive an email with login details.

You don’t have to invest in expensive programs.

Use my knowledge that I have built up over the years and let me help you achieve the results you deserve.

Use the strategies from the program and learn how to grow your business with blogging.