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Social Media Marketing Tips.

Pinterest Tips.

Of course you want to get as many visitors to your website as possible and so you go pinning a lot on Pinterest.

But what ultimately ensures that people actually come to take a look at your website?

I always say:

You can only make a first impression once!

the perfect pin image

That’s why it’s important that your image on Pinterest stands out among the others and that your pin image gets the attention of your visitor.

What must a good, no perfect, pin image looks like?

Here are some tips for you.

Tip 1. Format Image.

Always use vertical images on Pinterest with the dimensions: 735 px x 1102 px. If you keep that format, your image will be fully displayed.

Tip 2. Use beautiful and clear photos.

Use sharp photos that clearly show what your content is about. If you want to draw attention to something about shoes, you make sure that these shoes are well displayed. So not a photo with a person completely on it, because then it’s not clear that it’s about the shoes.

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Tip 3. The Title.

Make sure that the title is not too long and that it explains in a few words what it is about. Make sure the title is clearly visible. For example, as you can see in the image above, I create a colored box where I put the title. If you place it on a photo, you can often not see the text properly and then people scroll through on Pinterest.

Tip 4. The description.

Make sure to add a concise clear description. This is read as soon as the pin image is clicked. Try to make the reader curious about the information you share in the content you refer to.

Tip 5. SEO

Be aware when making the pin of the keywords on which you want to be found. Use this on the pin image, in the title and description.

Tip 6. The URL.

At the bottom you can place the URL of the content. Always add one URL, this allows pinners to be sent to your content / website with one click on the image.

Tip 7. Your name/brand.

Always place your name or brand on the image. I put it in miniature, because it does not have to dominate. You immediately see who the image belongs to and people often recognize your images and that is what you want to achieve. Another reason why I do this is because you make it clear that the pin is yours and as soon as someone else wants to use it, it’s less easy. So you protect yourself against copying behavior. You can also choose to place a watermark, but I don’t like this very much. Certainly for Pinterest images I wouldn’t advise that.

Tip 8. Recognizable.

I was just talking about it. You want your pins to be recognized. So always use the same style in your image.

Then consider:

– The same colors

– Same fonts (fonts)

– The same structure

Below there are a few of my Pinterest images. These images has done very well on Pinterest (click on the image to go to that blogpost).
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