Those voices in the back of your head.

You probably know it, those voices in your head that say everything to you.

You can’t do it.

That you should not start.

That you will never get that many customers.

That you don’t sell anything.

That there are already so many who do that.


Those voices from the people around you. A colleague, a father or mother, a brother or sister, a friend, etc.

Even if they say nothing, you can still hear them say it.

The moment you are about to start something.

A new business, a new product, a new offering, it doesn’t matter what it is.

You will always receive comments. And if you don’t get it, you can already hear them say it when you haven’t even spoken to them.

You are the entrepreneur who does not give up and keeps trying until it works.

And you will succeed because you do not give up.


And you feel it … now it’s going to happen. Now it will work!

And then… suddenly… nothing!


Simple, because you listen to those voices.

You hear those voices take away your positive conviction.

And before you know it, you believe it yourself. All that negative comment hits you and blocks you.

You have forgotten why you had taken this step again.

And why do you have this offer?

Do I know enough?

Do I give enough value?

Can I reach people with this?

Are people waiting for this?

And so on…

Eternal sin!

Let go of those voices and go against it!

You are good enough!

You know enough!

You can do it!

You’re super good at this!

You have a nice, educational offer!

You have a good product!

You have…. Fill in what applies to you here.

And say this to yourself several times!

Trust yourself, because you have started this for a reason. You know enough to offer your customers value. Never forget that! You are who you are and that’s good enough!

And whether your environment warns you about this or whether you are only afraid of what they are going to say does not matter. Don’t be put off by this and keep going. Show them what you can do!

Once you have the results you will see that those voices disappear automatically and people around you will react more positively and you will get questions about how you did that.

Go for it!