What if you are positively changing your money mindset, but the people around you project their negative money mindset on you?

What if you are developing a good money mindset and you really feel that you are going through a change, but the people around you are holding you back?

It can be about your partner, your parents, friends or other people in your area who thwart your money mindset. You are developing a positive mindset and your environment makes it more difficult for you this way.

It really sucks when that happens, but don’t worry. I have some tips for you on how to overcome this blockade and how to protect and shield yourself from the negative energy about money from your environment.

1. Take responsibility for your own money mindset.

First, you will have to take your own responsibility when it comes to your money mindset. You don’t let anyone make his or her nonsense about money your nonsense. Don’t let that person’s mindset affect your mindset. Be constantly aware of that.

Also, don’t expect your mindset about money to be someone else’s mindset. You will always get people on your path who supposedly know better than you. Let them think well and continue at your own pace with what you are doing.

This will be nothing again ..

You’re not going to make money with that …

The website is not really running either…

You don’t sell much right…

These are a few comments that may sounds familiar to you.

Someone quickly said to me when I started selling through an online store: You don’t sell that much, do you?

They are real death eaters.

Point 1. They’ve never had succes before, so how can they know better than you? Not so!

And secondly, people think that you have to set up a large company in a very short time. They don’t see that it takes time to grow.

An advice for you is that you should never take advice from someone who has not yet achieved what you want to achieve. They think they know so well, but all they do for you is to brake you. The intention is often good, they want to protect you from a big mistake. They themselves take little or no risks in life and then project this onto you.

You will always see that these people come your way when you are actively doing something. Suppose you are involved in an online business and you have every confidence in it. There will always be people who post a comment that might make you think it won’t work.

Nothing could be further from the truth, you will succeed. And at your own pace.

So know that only you are responsible for your money mindset and that you cannot blame others for this. It’s their beliefs and you can’t get them off and you shouldn’t want to. So focus on your own money mindset!

2. Tell your environment how you feel.

Secondly, if it is necessary, because they insist on their beliefs, you can tell them. Tell them what you think and what you are doing. Some people are open to it and others are not. Don’t force it, because everyone has their own beliefs.

Certainly when it comes to your partner, you cannot avoid discussing it. You are dealing with each other and it is nice if you share your life with someone that you are also aligned in the field of money.

3. Upgrade the people around you.

Tip number 3 is to upgrade the people around you. This is not to say that you will drastically banish everyone from your life and kick your partner out the door. You can just keep interacting with the people you love.

By upgrading I mean that you will share your money mindset with the people around you and that you will surround yourself with people who already have a good money mindset. Keep it in balance I would say.

Don’t expect to be able to change the people around you just like that. You will see if you have some patience that at some point they will come to you with questions when they see that you are going to achieve results.

I started my webshop with selling via a platform like Amazon. At first my environment saw nothing in this. After less than two months, my son’s response was: NICE… when I shared my results. Now he has also become a webshop seller.

People will naturally come up with questions if you give them time. They come by themselves.

You can also look up like-minded people. There are many ambitious female entrepreneurs who share the same mindset with you. Look them up through mastermind groups, at events and do courses. You automatically meet people who suit you and with whom you can talk about money at the same level. I myself am in several private groups with like minded people. We have the same ambition and want to achieve the same. Most importantly, we have the same mindset. We all want to grow and make a lot of money.

These mastermind groups are very valuable. I really advise you to surround yourself with these people. Also try to find people who have already accomplished a lot, find mentors and coaches who have experience. These are people who can be of value to you when it comes to the right mindset.

4. Do not seek feedback about your business or money from the wrong people.

Number four can be a difficult one. Don’t get your information and feedback from the wrong people. I can’t say it often enough, if you tell your parents or partner about your company you get criticism that you can’t do anything with. You don’t get the response you need and they give you unsolicited advice. If they project this conviction on you, you are scruwed.

Before you know it you will be behind and you can start taking steps again. They do not know your company, your marketing and often have no idea what you are talking about. Or even worse, they think they know and before you know it they tell you how to proceed or whether to stop, because it doesn’t work anyway.

So, the group of people I talked about in the previous point, the people who have experience and are in the same mood, are the people where you get your information, ask you questions and take advice. They are qualified and at the same level as you. In this case, try to separate these people.

It may not sound very friendly, but your partner is your partner, not your mastermind buddy.

I always say with one you do this and with the other you do that!

Do you have any tips yourself to change the money mindset of your environment or how you can best deal with it?