Why you don’t have to open all the Social Media channels.

It sounds so logical, the moment you start an online business, to create an account on all Social Media Channels.

Whether it’s a webshop, a blog or another online company. You are inclined to use all Social Media channels. Because yes then you still reach most people, right?

Social Media Marketing is of course very important, but you should not overdo it. This can actually be a disadvantage for you.

How do you wonder?

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Why many channels can have an adverse effect on you.

You would think on the more places you come into the picture the better. Not so!

If your customers are also on all channels, they get tired of seeing the same messages every time.

Apart from that, your customers are not on all channels.

It is important to find out which channels your customers are on.

Your first question that you must answer is:

Who is your customer and where is he or she located.

Many people are not just on one channel, but it is useful to know where they can be found anyway.

For example, if you are looking for employers, because you are going to offer a workshop that is meant for teams, you will post your messages on Linkedin.

If you have a creative offer, then you should go to Pinterest. You can also find your customers for blog posts on Pinterest. Pinterest is getting more popular and that’s good because you can achieve good results with it. Beyond that, it’s a great platform to look up for anything and everything.

You can still find the largest group of customers on Facebook and Instagram.  It is known that on Instagram followers, for example, will follow you to be followed themselves and then they will unfollow you again. Unfortunately, it has become a kind of game that brings you more entrepreneurs than customers. So think carefully if you want to and if you will indeed find your customers there. If your customers are entrepreneurs, than you’re good there. I have to say that I am secretly a bit of a fan of Instagram. I love to scroll through all the photos and videos of others in a free moment.

What does all that sharing do to you?

What also was a reason for me to post on fewer channels is that it sometimes made me mad. Then I would have made a blog post or put a new product in the webshop and then I had to take several photos in Canva and then share them. Add texts and URLs everywhere. It took me a lot of time and I didn’t get the result I wanted. For me it was often a moment of no, hey, now I have to share everything. I often didn’t feel like it. It is part of it, but by making it easier for yourself by not posting on all channels, I think it is good to do.

You can plan and share your messages on various channels via existing tools, such as tailwind. It is getting easier that way. This gives you a better overview and remains visible. Even if you don’t have the time. That’s the beauty of the internet, you can plan everything in advance.