Do you like animals and do you want to earn an extra cent?

Then this blog is for you!

I have collected some ideas for you. One will be logical and familiar, the other less. Still, if you are a true animal lover, I hope there is something for you to get started.

working with animals

1. Let the dogs out. Something that is already being done a lot and where work always remains. Walking dogs for people who work and whose dogs otherwise sit alone for too long and can not do their needs. Ideal if you like the outdoors, animals and walking.

2. Animal-Babysitter. When people go on vacation they often look for someone who can take care of their pets and the house. You are expected to keep the house tidy, take good care of the animals, give them food, change their exhaust, clean cages and of course give love. A nice tip: take a look at the home exchange website.

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3. Animal shelter at home. You can go to someone’s house to walk the dogs, for example, but you can also open your house to animals. The owners then bring their dog to you before they go to work and then pick them up after work. Doggie daycare at home. The dog is not alone all day and you can organize your own day at home the way you want.

4. Animal trainer. Are you always working with your dog to learn tricks and do you play a lot with your own dog. Or you don’t have a dog, but you would like to do this. There are people who do have a dog that needs this, but they have no time to go to a course themselves. You can go to training with their dog for a fee. You enjoy it and you earn money with it.

5. Dog breeder. And I don’t mean bread breeding of course! I am strongly against this. Once you have a litter of dogs, you can earn quite a bit with it. However, don’t be mistaken about the costs you make before the puppies are going to their new owners. You can register your work and deal with it with love.

6. Animal insurance advisor. Sounds complicated, but it’s not that bad. More and more people want to insure their animals for the costs that the vet entails. Often they do not know with which insurance they can best take out insurance. You can list all insurance policies and see per customer which is suitable for them. Make a deal with the insurance policies that you get when you bring in a new customer.

7. Clean aquariums. You might not think about it so quickly, but it is a professional job. If you like to do this, there is certainly work to be found. Think of hotels, restaurants, bars, and offices with aquariums. Often the staff do not have the time or inclination to do this job and are therefore outsourced. Go on it I would say, because you will not come across an advertisement very quickly.

8. Design pet clothes. One loves it, the other doesn’t like it. Putting your pet on clothes can be a big business. If you can design exclusive clothes, you like to do, then here is an exclusive job waiting for you.

working with animals

9. Animal funeral director. More and more often people start organizing a funeral after the death of a pet. There is as much as possible and there will be more demand for this in the future.

10. Design memorial stones after pet death.

11. Start animal cemetery. A company in which you offer a nice place for deceased pets.

12. TV commercial or advertisement with your pet. Does your pet have something unique. Can he or she do something special or is he or she incredibly beautiful? Try this out!

13. Organize pet meetings. Now this is already done in nursing homes, but by no means everywhere. You can also set up day care centers. Children and the elderly respond positively to pets.

14. Pets party. Instead of a tupperware party, you can organize a pet party. Buy your unique products and build your own empire.

15. Start a dog or cat cafe.

16. Pet Hotel. Start an animal hotel or guest house. Many people don’t want to just take their pet somewhere when they go on vacation. You can ensure that they have a carefree holiday if you take good care of their pets.

17. Animal photographer. Do you have patience with animals and can you photograph well. Then this is a nice combination with which you can earn good money. Stand out from the crowd and create your own unique brand.

18. Animal artist. Can you draw or paint well, then you can draw or paint a favorite picture of someone’s pet. You make many people happy with this and you can ask a nice amount for it.

19. Dog food delivery boy/girl. Your customers like the food to be delivered. Often there are large bags of heavy food and this can be a problem for many people. Do you have muscles? Then this is your job!

20. Animal physiotherapist. Yes, pets may also need a physiotherapist. Will you help them to a pain free life?

21. Dog grooming salon. This is a well-known profession and there will continue to be enough work in the future. Perfect if you like grooming.

22. Worm farm. You can grow worms and maggots for the fishermen who buy them in pet shops.

23. Insect breeder. If you like insects then this might be for you. Also for sale as food for other animals.

24. Animal blogger. Do you have nice stories to tell about your pet or do you know a lot about pets, then you can blog about this. Learn more about blogging here.

25. Make dog houses. Are you handy and do you enjoy working with wood? Then you can start selling dog houses.

26. Sell ​​products with animal prints on them. Think for example of pens, mugs, kitchen apron, bags, place mats, mouse pad, buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, caps, key rings or balloons. It is not surprising that there is a product you can get started with.

27. Sell ​​seasonal items for animals. Think of jackets for small dogs in the snow or swimming pools for the hot summer.

28. Run your own mini farm. You can of course ask for entrance, but you can also choose not to ask for entrance and then you charge money for some food and then the children can feed the animals.

29. You have to love it, but keeping bees can sell you honey.

30. Give riding lessons. Are you a horse lover and you have a lot of experience in this. Then you can give driving lessons. You can also take care of someone else’s horse for a fee.

31. Become a vet assistant. A fun job where you deal with various animals and where you are also sure of income.

32. Work in an animal shelter. This usually does not pay that much, but you certainly get a good feeling about it and at least something in income.

33. Walking dog shows with your pet can give a nice income. This can also add up nicely.

34. Taking care of adoption dogs. This is often not paid, but in some cases it is. You receive them before they go to a final family.

35. Find out something. That does not sound easy, of course, but if you have a little imagination, you can, for example, build a nice business with a new dog toy, cat basket, bird food bowl or whatever.

You see, there are plenty of opportunities to make money while you’re doing what you love…. animals!

working with animals