You are who you are and that’s good enough.


You often have those moments when you think it’s all up to you.

That you did it yourself.

That you have ensured that it does not work.

That only things are going against you.


You are annoyed

You’re cranky

You are negative

You see no possibilities

You are rebellious

You are mad

You are sad

You get that feeling that you are not good enough and that you have to change.


That you have to work harder

That you have to be more positive

That you have to improve yourself

That you have to live healthier

If something does not work, we all too quickly blame ourselves for not being good enough.


Cut it down!


It is all difficult enough.

We all have to keep those balls high

And oh dear, if one falls… what then?


Then that feeling comes over again.


You know … we are all human and we all have a hard time.

But don’t make it heavier than it is now.

Not everything is up to you and you don’t have to change everything.

Do not make everything personal and do not relate everything to yourself.


Do you know how much time you wasted on this? Sin!


Take your time and look at yourself.

Do you know who you are?


You are good enough as you are

You are good enough !!!


Remember you are who you are and that’s good!


It may take you time to see that you are good enough, it doesn’t matter. But get in your strength.

Deep in your power, you have the power to turn those negative thoughts around.


You determine what your emotions are, know what you put your energy into and what reactions you get right.

Whether it is about selling your online product or something from your personal life, it does not matter.

It is up to you, YES you have the choice !! How you accept it and deal with it.


You choose to be the person you are. The results will come naturally as long as you remain yourself.

I’ll shake you awake!


Embrace your strength and head straight for your goal.

Do not doubt whether you will succeed, but know that it will succeed. Feel it will work.

Don’t you feel it? Then adjust your goal or your strategy.


Do not be fooled by what is happening now.

You don’t sell anything, you get a negative reaction, you feel that nobody listens to you and you see that others do achieve the success that you want too.

I am not good enough and I am not worthy are death eaters.

We all have those moments every now and then. That’s life!


Do you know:

We always have enough work to do

You always keep looking for ways to improve yourself

You want to get even stronger


You keep encountering this in life. You always learn until your death.

You will always wonder afterwards if you did it right.

And yes, sometimes you will say not. So what!


Often you say afterwards that you would do things differently now, but hey don’t let this stop you.

After all, you learn from every situation, so accept that.

Do not say after each learning moment that you were not good enough, because you were.


Okay, I wasn’t in great shape

Okay, I didn’t know the answers to everything

Okay, I wasn’t quite in my strength

Okay, I was ashamed

Okay, it could be better

Or whatever


Don’t forget: You did it anyway!

And you are an experience richer again!


You can now do two things:


  1. Just talk yourself into the pit that it was not perfect enough and that you were not good enough. You stay with that mindset and talk yourself into the pit even more, you become even more insecure, unmotivated and you no longer see the fun in it.
  2. Realizing who you are is good enough. If you believe that you are good enough, you are who you are and that who you are right now is enough. You have no fear of continuing, you are not going to stop, you know you shouldn’t wait until everything is perfect and you have to be perfect. You continue to be disciplined and keep your passion. You don’t worry!


You will stop thinking:

-I didn’t do it right

-I could have better this … instead of that

-I need to get better at….

It’s not so!


Of course I have had that feeling in the past. I felt out of place and felt completely different from the rest.

Now I see that it is beautiful if you are unique. I like to see how each has something unique that the other does not have. That makes people beautiful!

The pitfall is that many people tend to change themselves and want to be like others. So sinful and pointless.

I keep creating content, I keep working hard and I know it will eventually come to me. I stay with myself and it doesn’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to be perfect!

Repeat after me:

I don’t have to be perfect! I’m good enough!

You keep doing your work, you keep improving yourself and that is part of it.

You will gain more insight and make adjustments.

But for this moment you are just good enough. Really!

You will only become stronger if you make your own uniqueness powerful.


And make a mistake, accept it, feel that emotion, learn from it and keep going. Step over it!


I always say:


It is what it is. Nothing more and nothing less!


And sometimes you have to go through a lesson several times to learn well. So what! You learn from it. You grow. It automatically makes you stronger. It makes you more active. And you always go a step further.

Believe it’s always in your favor if things don’t always go the way you planned.

And you automatically go to the next level in which you become an even better version of yourself.

Every day new opportunities and chances pass by which we grow. Take this opportunity, don’t be afraid to fail. You can never fail at being you!

You are who you are and you can do it!


Don’t forget to see that life is beautiful.

Your current situation will also pass.

And yes, you are good enough as you are!